Constitution Day Constitution Is Supreme, It Is The Path Followed By Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi – law day: If India’s Constitution is not understood.. It is difficult to save democracy. These are not human issues. These are the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. PM Modi in his speech on Constitution Day 2021. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution plays an important role in preserving the spirit of democracy. Saying that he will play… it’s the last one… showing his intellectual prowess and faith in the Constitution of India. Today, on the Constitution Day of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi… shared many important topics (Modi Archive) on Twitter. Prime Minister Modi… from his time as the CM of Gujarat… until he became the Prime Minister, he made many points which he followed in the spirit of the Indian constitution. To commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India by the General Assembly in 1949, the Center has been organizing Constitution Day on November 26 since 2015. To celebrate BR Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary, the Modi government at the Center has decided to celebrate this day on to the Constitution. Date in 2015. In the past, this day was observed as a law day. However, PM Modi recently.. these things shared in Modi’s memory.. his great passion for Indian Constitution. These programs reflect his vision.

Tweets shared by Modi Archives. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Constitution of India, Prime Minister Modi made a keynote speech in 1999. “The Constitution is 50 years old. Can our role or ability improve the community? The national dialogue is important. How will civil society be a group of people in the next century? He shared the handwritten pages on

May our Kartavya or our authority lead the nation before Prime Minister Narendra Modis’ 1999 handwritten message on Constitution Day: Today, on Constitution Day of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi… shared many important articles (Archive Modi) on Twitter. From the time he was the CM of Gujarat to the time he became the Prime Minister, he made many important points that he followed in the spirit of the Indian Constitution.

At the end of 60 years of the Constitution.. in 2010, then CM Modi organized the Samvidhan Gaurav Yatra. He held a historic rally in Surendranagar, Gujarat with a huge replica of the Constitution and an elephant. Before becoming the Prime Minister for the second time in 2019, Prime Minister Modi paid a ceremonial obeisance at the Central Hall of Parliament and took office.

In 2011 Gujarat CM Modi published the ‘Bharat Nu Samvidhan’ – the Gujarati version of the Constitution of India. Modi believes that publishing the Constitution of India in the local language will help people understand the country’s constitution better and bring out its spirit.

The government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi decided to observe Constitution Day on November 26 every year since 2015 as a sign of respect for the passing of India’s Constitution Day on November 26, 1949. To this end, the Central Constitution Hall & Gallery in the new parliament building also displays images of key elements related to the Constitution of India.


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