Congress Mo Javed’s seat is once again entrenched in Kishanganj. Congress may field Fauzia Rana, daughter of the country’s famous poet Munawar Rana, who recently joined the party from Kishanganj.

Rana has no opposition in the party. So it is almost certain to be their candidate. In the last assembly election, Dr. Mohammad Javed of Congress won. But in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Dr. Javed became an MP. In the subsequent by-elections, the Congress lost that seat to AIMIM. So this time she wants to win the Kishanganj seat.

On an average 15 candidates are contesting the 71 assembly seats of the first phase of the Bihar assembly general election. After the withdrawal of nominations by 26 candidates on Monday for the first phase election, there are a total of 1065 candidates in the election field. A total of 1354 candidates had filed nomination papers in this phase. After scrutiny of nomination papers, nomination papers of 1091 candidates were found valid. Earlier, during the 2015 Bihar Assembly General Elections, an average of 13 candidates were in the fray in the first phase.

Most of the 27 candidates contesting the town 
this time the 27 candidate According to the Election Department information Town Assembly contesting the constituency, while the five candidates Ktoria (SC) assembly candidate from constituency Huh. 

Use of two ballot units for election on 23 seats, 
in the first phase, due to having more than 15 candidates in 23 constituencies, two ballot units will be used. 19 in Banka, 25 in Tarapur, 19 in Jamalpur, 19 in Suryagadha, 18 in Lakhisarai, 18 in floods, 25 in Paliganj, 18 in Jagdishpur, 23 in Shahpur, 18 in Dumraon, 19 in Chainpur, 20 in Sasaram, 20 in Karhagar. 20, 19 candidates in Dinara, 23 in Arwal, 19 in Kurtha, 17 in Goh, 23 in Gurua, 17 in Bodh Gaya (Su), 27 in Gaya Town, 23 in Tekari, 22 in Wazirganj, 22 in Rajauli (Su). Are in the field. Therefore, two ballot units will be used in these areas.

All 71 seats and candidates of the first phase 
After withdrawal, 14 in Kahalgaon, 13 in Sultanganj, 12 in Amarpur, 11 in Dhaoraiya (Su), 19 in Banka, 5 in Katoriya (Su), 15 in Belhar, 25 in Tarapur, 15 in Munger, 19 in Jamalpur, 19 in Suryagadha, 18 in Lakhisarai, 11 in Sheikhpura, 10 in Barbigha, 8 in Mokama, 18 in floods, 13 in Drafthi (su), 25 in Paliganj, 25 in Vikram, 15 in Sandesh, 10 in Barhara, 15 in Ara. , 10 in Agiaon (Su), 11 in Tarari, 18 in Jagdishpur, 23 in Shahpur, 14 in Brahmapur, 14 in Buxar, 18 in Dumraon, 14 in Rajpur (Su), 12 in Ramgarh, 13 in Mohanian (Su) 14 in Bhabua, 19 in Chainpur, 15 in Chenari (Su), 20 in Sasaram, 20 in Karhagar, 19 in Dinara, 15 in Nokha, 14 in Dehri, 13 in Karakat, 23 in Arwal, 19 in Kurtha, 15 in Jehanabad. , 11 in Ghosi, 9 in Makhdumpur (Su), 17 in Goh, 10 in Obra, 13 in Navinagar, 14 in Kutumba (Su), 9 in Aurangabad, 15 in Rafiganj, 23 in Gurua,11 in Sherghati, 10 in Imamganj (Su), 13 in Barachatti (Su), 17 in Bodh Gaya (Su), 27 in Gaya Town, 23 in Tekari, 14 in Belaganj, 11 in Attari, 22 in Wazirganj, Rajauli (Su) A total of 1065 candidates are in the fray including 22, 8 in Hisua, 15 in Nawada, 15 in Govindpur, 10 in Warsaliganj, 15 in Sikandra (Su), 14 in Jamui, 10 in Jhajha, 13 in Chakai.


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