Rahul's answer to BJP:Congress leader said - I am not afraid of Modi, I am a patriot; They can shoot me but can't touch

Congress May Have To Pay The Price For Modi’s Prestige, Says Survey: Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to attack the Congress in the Gujarat election campaign, trying to garner sympathy from the people of the state. In every meeting, the Prime Minister says, Congress is questioning my family status. Disrespecting and insulting me step by step. I am a simple family man. This is my crime!

Will Modi’s campaign benefit from the ballot box? A recent survey report by an all-India TV channel says that 53 percent of Gujaratis said questioning the Prime Minister’s status was not the right thing to do. The response will be read in the ballot box.

However, 47 percent of people completely dismissed that possibility. Polling experts, however, say that the 53 percent of people who feel annoyed by the criticism of the Congress will vote for the BJP, which will make a big difference in the election results. BJP may return to power with more seats than last time.

It can be said that this idea has also moved the Prime Minister. That is why he is diligently rehashing the old kasundi by attacking Congress in every meeting. He said, “Sometimes I have been told ‘Most ki Saudagar’, sometimes I have been compared to a stinking sewer, sometimes I have been caste-raised and told that I am a low-caste person.” And now it is said, I will be reminded of my family identity.

Modi said I am your servant. I don’t care about status. But the servant does not have a social, family establishment.

Incidentally, on November 17, at the release of Congress’s election manifesto, veteran leader Madhusudan Mistry said that Narendra Modi has started thinking of himself as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. In this vote, we will tell him where his family and social position are.

BJP has already moved on this statement of Mistry. Today, Modi reminded the audience of all the insults given by the Congress, combining old and new.

Madhusudan Mistry is not a very big Congress leader. Moreover, the main strategy of the Congress in this election campaign in Gujarat is to avoid attacks on Modi as much as possible. In favor of this strategy of the Congress, the party’s statement is that the votes of the Gujarat Assembly. There the Prime Minister is plowing the state. BJP’s strategy will succeed if he is attacked. The Congress, therefore, decided to target the state government and the state BJP as much as possible. That’s how the campaign was going. But suddenly Mistry’s comments were exploited by Modi and his party.

Narendra Modi introduced himself as Chawala during the 2914 Lok Sabha election campaign. He belongs to the OBC family, and BJP has highlighted that fact again and again.

This time in the Gujarat campaign, Modi is saying, I come from a simple family. Addressing the opposition, the Prime Minister said, let’s talk about development instead of fighting about my family, social status, status. Let’s pledge to build a better Gujarat.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi called Modi ‘moat ki saudagar’ in the Gujarat riots controversy. He was then the president of the party. Sonia will be campaigning in Gujarat in the next few days. Earlier, the Prime Minister tried to garner sympathy by reminding the voters of Sonia’s comments about her. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has given a final clean chit to Modi on the Gujarat riots.

Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Iyer made the following comments about Modi. The Congress leader later clarified that he meant to say that the Prime Minister is a low-minded person. But the BJP alleged that the Congress leader insulted the Prime Minister by calling him a low-caste person. This incident happened five years ago during the 2017 Gujarat Assembly polls. Now let’s see how much the BJP actually benefits from Mistry’s statement.


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