Congress to organize nationwide agitation against Hathras gang rape on October 5

Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor Will Be Awarded By Gandhi Family: Shashi Tharoor ‘deliberately strangled’, or there is another strategy, speculations are rife. There was no direct Gandhi family candidate. So defeat was certain. The results are more obvious. He lost to Mallikarjun Kharge by a huge margin. What is the future of Tharoor? Speculation is within the Congress. There is some other strategy behind Adhir Chowdhury sitting behind Adhir Chowdhury again in the Lok Sabha, acting as a nominal MP, or knowingly running against Kharag in the presidential polls. The door to getting a big organizational or parliamentary position opened in front of Tharoor. On Jalpana Akbar Road.

Member of Parliament from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The party is known to be a member of the disaffected G-23 group. Until a few years ago, Tharoor was known as such by the Congress leadership. But gradually Gandhi improved his relations with the family. This MP from Thiruvananthapuram became Sonia’s favorite before the presidential election. He met ‘Madam’ and expressed his desire to vote, but Madam did not object. Again, at the beginning of the Bharat Joro Yatra, he participated in the padayatra with Rahul. Talked with Sonia’s son. At first, it was believed that Sonia and Rahul stood in the polls despite the ban. It is more credible that Kharge stood in the polls with the support of the Gandhi family. Again, from the beginning of the election, there was a flood of complaints about the conduct of the polls. Which continued till the counting of votes on Wednesday.

After all this, there are speculations about Shashi Tharoor. A different story is heard inside the Congress. Thinking about the future, he stood for the polls subject to the approval of the Gandhi family. This is what the political circles think. It is believed to have been an unbiased organizational vote without the Gandhi family. Sonia and Rahul had the challenge to prove. So no member of the family has spoken since the announcement of the vote. Again, it would have been difficult to prove if a second person had not stood for the vote. Therefore, Tharoor was asked to stand for the election on behalf of the Gandhi family. Sonia promised that big things are waiting for her even if she loses. What is Tharoor’s future now? As soon as the results of the presidential election came out, speculations about Tharoor started in AICC.

According to the explanation of a top leader of Akbar Road, according to the decision of Udaipur Chintan Shibir, Kharge should implement the principle of one person, one post. At the moment, Adhir Chowdhury from Bengal is holding on to two posts. He is a Member of Parliament, Leader of Lok Sabha, and President of the Pradesh Congress. According to Akbar Road sources, Tharoor may be made Lok Sabha leader in place of Adhir. If it is not possible alone, Sonia and Rahul have already decided to make two working presidents for North and South India with Kharag. Tharoor may be given the organizational charge of South India. He agreed to stand against Kharag on the promise that one of the two duties would be given to him by the Gandhi family. So instead of being cornered in the party for the defeat, the political circle thinks that Tharoor will be rewarded.


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