In Madhya Pradesh, Congress leader Dinesh Gurjar has given a controversial statement, targeting Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. On one hand, he described former Chief Minister Kamal Nath as India’s second largest industrialist and Shivraj Singh Chauhan as a starving bare family. However, Shivraj Singh Chauhan made it a weapon for himself and said that he belonged to a bare-hungry family, hence the pain of the poor is considered pain.

Dinesh Gurjar said in an election meeting regarding the by-election, “Kamal Nath Ji is the second industrialist of India. Like Shivraj Singh, he does not belong to a bare-hungry household. Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan used to have five acres of land, today he owns thousands of acres of land, because he did the work of drinking blood of the teenagers. ”

Shivraj Singh Chauhan hit back at Dinesh Gurjar and said, “Yes, I am from a bare-hungry family, so I understand their pain and pain.” Yes, I am poor, so I teach as a maternal uncle of poor sons and daughters. I am poor, therefore I give the poor parents. I am poor, therefore I understand the pain of the poor … I understand the state.



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