It is difficult to say whether the alliance between the Left Front and the Congress in West Bengal would benefit. But this has increased the challenge of both in Kerala. The BJP has made Left-Congress friendship a big issue in Kerala and termed them as two sides of the same coin.

The main opponent against the Left Front in Kerala is the Congress. The Congress is putting the flaws of the left government in front of the people and claiming themselves worthy of power. And the Left government failed. But the BJP has seized this issue. Efforts are being made to convey this message to the public that both parties are misleading the people of Kerala by gaining power in turn. If they are rivaling each other in Kerala, then why are they together in West Bengal?

People with knowledge in Kerala politics believe that the BJP has brought both of them into the dock on this issue. They may have to bear some loss of this. However, the BJP is not very powerful there, so there will not be much impact. But in the future, the Left-Congress will have to rethink its strategy regarding the alliance in West Bengal. It will have to assess the impact on Kerala.

Both the Kerala Congress and the CPI (M) ‘s Kerala unit did not agree on the Congress-Left alliance issue in West Bengal. It is reported that his concern has already been expressed on this issue from his side. CPI (M) leaders say that this makes it difficult for them to respond to the public. While they also know that despite having an alliance in Bengal, nothing much is to be achieved. The Left Front’s claim of coming back to power in Kerala is strong. For this, the work of Chief Minister P. Vijayan is being considered as a big foundation. While the Congress is facing a leadership crisis, like the Lok Sabha elections, once again the Rahul Gandhi wave is expected to be a miracle.

The BJP is trying to gain a foothold in the state. But so far his vote percentage in the elections has not increased more than 12-13 percent. But this time it is believed that it can perform well in 30-40 seats. Some seats may win and some seats may change the equation.


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