You often see many policemen in your daily life and the uniforms of all policemen look the same but different “badges” are placed on the uniforms of the policemen who give information about the police rank and power of the policeman.

Policemen get the same facilities according to their positions such as carriage, bungalow, security guard, etc. and there are many such facilities which many people desire to work in the police department.

There is a badge on the uniform of every policeman who gives information about the rank of the police, but the common people are not aware of the badge on the policeman’s uniform, due to which he is unable to find out what is the position of the policeman standing in front of him.

But if you want to know what is the rank of a policeman or want to join Police then you should know about Police Rank and Police Badge.

Today we are going to give you complete information about Police Rank List and Police Badge and by reading this article, you can easily find out what is the position of a policeman.

Indian Police Rank List in order

Policemen have different identities in the police system, so you get different types of badges on the uniforms of all the policemen, which shows the rank and power of the policeman.

There are many ranks in the police department in India, whose post name and power are different, so we will tell you about the Police Rank list from the lowest rank to the highest rank of police.

1. Police Constable (PC)

This is the lowest post in the police department which is called police constable or constable. There is no badge on the constable’s uniform and it is in the plain uniform of the police. A police constable has the lowest police rank.

2. Senior Police Constable (SPC)

Senior Police Constable i.e. SPC has a separate Police Rank. Their uniform is covered with two yellow stripes on the black stripe or two red stripes on the wideband.

3. Head Constable (HC)

After this, there is a head constable whose Police Rank is above it, so on the head constable’s uniform, there is a black stripe on the black stripe or three red stripes.

4. Assistant Sub-inspector (ASI)

After the head constable comes the Police rank of Assistant Sub Inspector i.e. ASI, who is called Assistant Sub Inspector in Hindi. The ASI uniform has a bandage with a star on its shoulder along with a red and a blue stripe.

5. Sub-Inspector (SI)

After ASI, the next Police Rank is of Sub Inspector i.e. SI which is called Sub Inspector in Hindi. The uniform of SI also has a stripe-like the uniform of ASI, which has a red and a blue stripe, but a star has two stars attached to it.

6. Assistant Police Inspector (API)

The next post is that of an assistant police inspector with three stars on his uniform and also a red color band.

7. Inspector (IT)

Inspector is in charge of the police station and also it is the highest post of the police station which is also known as SHO. The police inspector covers 3-4 stations. On the inspector’s uniform, you see three stars with one red and one blue stripe.

8. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)

The next Police Rank after the Inspector is the “Deputy Superintendent of Police” i.e. DSP, who is called Deputy Superintendent of Police in Hindi and also known as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). DSP uniforms do not have red and blue stripes but only three stars.

9. Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP)

The post of Additional Superintendent of Police or Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ASP / DCP) is higher than the rank of DSP. Which is called ASP or ADL.DCP, whose police uniform has an Ashoka Pillar on it.

10. Superintendent of Police (SP)

The rank of SP is higher than ASP which is known as Superintendent of Police (SP) and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) called Superintendent of Police in Hindi who heads the district in small towns. The SP’s verify has a star with the Ashoka Pillar.

11. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)

The next highest post after SP is SSP, also known as DCP, and is known as Senior Superintendent of Police in Hindi. He is the head of the district in big cities and his uniform has two stars with Ashoka Pillar.

12. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)

Deputy Inspector General of Police is a separate elevated post called DIG and Addl.CP (Additional Commissioner of Police). The uniform of DIG consists of three stars with Ashoka Pillar and also written IPS.

13. Inspector General of Police (IGP)

IGP means Inspector General of Police, a higher post than DIG, it is called Inspector General of Police in Hindi and also Joint Commissioner of Police JCP is also called IPS with a star and a sword on his uniform.

14. Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)

Additional Superintendent of Police has a high post which is similar to DGP and is also an officer of IPS. On his uniform, IPS are written with Ashok Pillar and Talwar like DGP.

15. Director General of Police (DGP)

The DGP is also called the Commissioner of Police CP, with the Ashok Pillar and Talwar written IPS on the DGP’s uniform.

16. Director of Intelligence Bureau (DIB)

They are the directors of the Intelligence Bureau, called IB or DIB, on their uniform you see an Ashoka Pillar and a sword with a star.

So now you know that somehow you can find out what is the police rank of the policeman standing in front of you and if you want to go to the police department then you should know about it.

Let us tell you that we have obtained this information from the internet through some sources so that we can provide you with accurate and accurate information.

So, if you have any big errors or more information in this, then you can tell us through the comment so that the Police Rank List can be made better.

Hopefully, that’ll article India police rank list will be beneficial for you and if Apakon’s course is to get help with it around people Share can do and leaves also get knowledge.


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