China’s new divorce law has put couples in trouble. As a result of this, a huge crowd of couples have started gathering in China to get a divorce. Couples are beginning to feel that the new divorce rules are more complicated than before. The Chinese media quoted the lawyers as saying this.

In fact, China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) approved the new civil code in May last year. It provides that the couples have to live together on a ‘cooling-off period’ for a month before getting divorced so that if there is a slight possibility, the couples can end their disputes.

If the matter is formed after the cooling off period, then if it is not correct, then they can apply for divorce then go on their own way. Changes in the law of the country are not pleasing to the Chinese couples, which is resulting in the race to get divorced. Let me tell you that even after the National People’s Congress had passed this law, there was a lot of criticism in China.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported on Monday that lawyers have been requested to file a divorce application only after the Couples’ cooling-off period. After the new law, in some cities of China, the demand for consultation of lawyers has become so much that money is being collected from online couples.

Zhong Wen, a lawyer living in Sichuan province who specializes in divorce, says he has already received several phone calls from couples concerned that the new law complicates their divorce and their freedom to separate Compromises.


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