Commentator: Did You Notice His Look, He Made Fun Of The Coach, You Should Hear Perera Diaz’s Reason For Leaving Kerala: There were many controversies regarding Argentine player Pereira Diaz not playing for Kerala Blasters this time. There was strong criticism that not being able to keep a player like Diaz with Kerala Blasters in the ISL was a failure of the team.

Many people did not have more clarity on this matter except that the actor was transferred to Mumbai. But now the commentator Shaiju Damodaran is talking about the actor leaving Kerala.

Perera Diaz scored the goal for Mumbai against Blasters in the last match in Kochi.

After scoring the goal, Diaz looked at the gallery and clapped his hands, then looked at the place where the team management representatives were sitting and made a gesture and pointed to his name on the jersey.

But Shaiju Damodaran said that as soon as he scored the goal, he was making fun of the Blasters’ coach Ivan Vukomanovic.

Shaiju Damodaran added that Diaz was not abandoned, he cheated Blasters and went to Mumbai.

He said in a video released on his YouTube channel that Diaz signed a contract with Mumbai after two months of discouraging the Blaster’s management.


The Blaster’s management started trying to keep Diaz in the team immediately after the final match of the last season.

In the following days, Diaz was sent a contract with a 70 to 75 percent wage increase. But after 60 days, Diaz did not sign the contract and send it back.

When I inquired about this, Diaz and his agent asked for a few days. But in the meantime, Blasters know that Diaz has reached an agreement with Mumbai City.

But the Blaster’s management did not keep Diaz on the team. Diaz is a player who has no commitment to the team,’ said Shaiju Damodaran.

After the revelation came out, the fans turned against Diaz. Diaz was instrumental in the Blasters’ run to the finals last season.

The Blasters are trailing in the points table with three straight defeats so far this season. Blasters’ next match is against North East on Saturday.

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