Comedian says Kapil Sharma's fan, who is struggling with kidney disease, will meet soon

The country’s popular comedian and TV host Kapil Sharma is very active on social media and keeps talking to his fans through it. He is also going to make a digital debut with Netflix. Kapil is on a paternity break these days. Recently he has become the father of another son. Kapil Sharma sent a fan a touching message on Twitter.

The name of this fan of Kapil Sharma is Deepak Mishra. He is struggling with a serious kidney disease and he dreams that he wants to meet his favorite star. Deepak’s mother Sadhana wrote on the official Twitter handle of the crowded funding platform Ketto, “My elder son has been suffering from a serious kidney ailment for a long time.”

Wish to meet kapil sharma

Deepak’s mother further wrote in the tweet, “His 19-year-old son also died of the same disease. He wishes to get well soon and meet his favorite comedian Kapil Sharma.” Kapil Sharma was tagged in this tweet. On this tweet, he has given a reaction and promised to meet Deepak Mishra soon and wished to get well.

Kapil Sharma promised to meet-

See you soon Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma wrote, “Get well soon, blessings of God, let my injury be cured, we will meet very soon.” Recently, Kapil Sharma has got back injury, due to which he is walking on the rest. Along with this, he is spending quality time with his wife Ginni Chatrath and both children. Recently he was seen in a wheel chair at Mumbai Airport.


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