Actor Rajiv Thakur made his comedy debut with ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 3’ and then worked in several comedy shows like Comedy Circus and The Kapil Sharma Show. Both Kapil and Rajiv have been friends since college days. Both of them have done many plays together. He said that he is proud of Kapil that he is his friend. 


Rajiv Thakur also spoke on the success of Kapil Sharma in an interview given to Pinkvilla. Rajiv said, “Kapil and I have been friends since college days. We used to play together often. But Kapil wanted to be a singer, Chandan Prabhakar and I always used to say that your tongue is very strong. He speaks very well Was, sometimes I used to think that he is an edit machine himself. “


Nobody has the ability to defeat Kapil


Rajiv further said, “Sometimes it used to happen that we used to make a punch line in four lines, but on the other hand he would edit these four lines alone and make it a strong punch. So Chandan and I always say that When he does what he needs, then no one will have the ability to defeat him. “


No show of air without Kapil’s wish


Rajiv Thakur said that ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is perfect for him. He said, “Kapil Sharma is a show, is it his word of mouth. And I can say with guarantee that the show will not be off-air until Kapil does not want to.” Rajiv also talked about Sunil Grover leaving the show. 


Sunil Grover’s departure shook the show


Rajeev Thakur said, “He has a lot of actors in his show. Sunil Grover is a brilliant artist. When he left the show it seemed that the show would be shaken, shaken too. But Kapil somehow managed it because he Makes a very good conversation. “


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