T20 World Cup 2022

Coach Nazmul Abedeen Fahim Opens Up On Liton Das’ Explosive Innings In T-20 World Cup: “Liton Das (Liton Das) is dakabuko nature? The question was thrown to Nazmul Abedeen Fahim.

In response, he told Sinbad Pratid Digital, “Absolutely not.” He is a very polite boy. If Lytton had been called, we might have won the match.”

Lipton’s mentor cum coach stopped saying the words in one breath. Sorry, there was a mistake. Not only Liton, but stars like Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan (Shakib Al Hasan), and Mushfiqur Rahim are also ‘Dronacharya’. He has almost two decades of relationship with Bangladesh Sports Education Institution. Worked in Bangladesh Cricket Board for about fifteen years. He knows Bangladesh cricket and cricketers like the back of his hand. He was surprised by Lipton’s batting against India. In this incarnation, he had not seen his disciple before.

Liton Das’ storming batting at the Adelaide Oval once raised a dark cloud of fear in the Indian dressing room. Bhuvneshwar, Arshdeep did not know the weapon to stop Liton. But the ‘guru’ knows his disciple like the palm of his hand. So Nazmul Abedin Fahim said on Thursday, “What you are like in real life, the image of that emerges on the playground. Liton Dakabuko is not a character at all. If it were, it would be good. In real life, Lytton is not reckless. Not aggressive either. But the batting he did in Adelaide should be his real game. He needed to instill in him the belief that he could attack the opponent. I think his innings against India and his batting have already given birth to this belief. May Liton play like this in the future as well.”

Even though the India-Bangladesh match is over, it is not over. Padmapar is still excited. Practice is going on in social media. ‘Bangladesh did not want to enter the wet field. The Shakibs have been forced down. ‘Hardik Pandya’s last ball was wide but the umpire didn’t give it.’ ‘Bangladesh deserved a 5-run penalty as India made fake fielding.’ ‘The Duckworth-Lewis rule was a mess.’ After the loss to India in Adelaide on Wednesday, all such complaints are coming from Padmapar. After the loss to India, the Bangladesh Cricket Board is going to approach the ICC. All in all, the fiery situation in Bangladesh centered on cricket. Lytton’s mentor argues, “The job of the umpires is to make the match bigger. Had the pitch been wet, the umpires could have taken a little more time. Usually, a team fielding on a rain-soaked pitch is somewhat uncomfortable. But when Lytton came out to bat after the rain in Adelaide, I saw grass and water droplets on his boots. The fact that the field was wet, could be the proof of that.”

The winning equation changed for Bangladesh after the rain. Before the rain, Bangladesh was running to chase India’s runs. Then Rohit Sharma is really on the back foot. Nothing was going right in India. Bangladesh scored 66 runs without a wicket in 7 overs. At that time it rained. After that, the flow of events took a different turn. Liton Das was run out. After that Bangladesh lost wickets one by one. Nazmul Abedin Fahim said, “Litton slipped while running when he was run out. If he had survived, it would not have been difficult to win the match. And when the game started again after the rain, at that time, Bangladesh leaned towards batting without forming a partnership. Had the match been a full over, the batsmen might have built a partnership and won the match.”

But rain spoils Bangladesh’s normal rhythm of play. The match gradually fell towards India. Liton Das remained a tragic hero. Nazmul Abedin Fahim said, “Litton is a very skilled player. Has played a good inning in the past to handle a strong bowling attack. But the innings against India is an exception. What was going on in him at the time of batting? I will ask after returning.”

After defeating South Africa on Thursday, Pakistan climbed to the third position in the points table. Bangladesh has dropped to four. The fate of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh will be decided next Sunday. Liton-Shakib’s Bangladesh in front of Pakistan that day. Can Litton coolly kill the puck-bowling attack? What will his ‘Gandiv’ say to remove the India-match nightmare? Time will tell. However, it can be said that the Guru will be looking at the bat of the disciple in the Saturday Pakistan-Bangladesh match.

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