CM YS Jagan At Jayaho BC Maha Sabha: Not With Words.. We Have Brought A Revolution With Our Hands..: We have shown what it means to share power in political empowerment. We have brought a revolution with our hands and not with words. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan commented that the revolution is directly visible here. He participated in the Jayaho BC Mahasabha held at the Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium in Vijayawada. In the first cabinet, 50 percent of SC, ST, BC, and minorities were given an opportunity. In the second term, 70 percent of the people were from these communities. But, why Chandrababu could not send at least one BC to the Rajya Sabha? He criticized Chandrababu cheated the youth by saying that it is a domestic job. But we have given 46 thousand jobs in the health sector. Our government has brought a minimum time scale for contract employees. CM YS Jagan revealed that Nava Ratna is for the development of SC, ST, BC, and minorities.. Out of 31 lakh house plots, more than 16 lakh house plots have been given to BC women.

CM Jagan announced that the four people behind me are you. It has been 45 years since Chandrababu entered politics. I am 49 years old. Even though I have been in politics for so long, I cannot say that I will contest alone in 2024. He said that because there is nothing good done to the people. In these three and a half years, I have brought many benefits to the BC and minority communities. Every party has a political philosophy, which is reflected in the party manifesto. We have taken steps in these three and a half years by focusing on five types of empowerment. They are 1. Economic empowerment, 2. Political empowerment, 3. Social empowerment, 4. Women empowerment, 5. Educational empowerment.

As a part of economic empowerment, we have provided welfare through DBT and non-DBT.. 3,19,000 lakh crores have been provided to the people across the state through welfare and development schemes. Out of this, 2,50,358 lakh crores have been spent on the backward communities, said CM YS Jagan. That means 80 percent are poor. He said that he spent only on social groups. Chandrababu said that 2018-19 is the last year.. 2018-19 budget is the same as the current budget.. If then the rate of increase in debt was 19 percent. Now the rate of increase in debt is 15 percent.. Why so much welfare? They questioned that there were no schemes.. Then all the budget went into the pockets of four people.. They were fired with the scheme of rob, share, and eat.. Then Chandrababu said he would cut the tails of BC castes. Not only in today’s budget but in my heart we have given place to social castes.. I know the aspirations of BCs during the padayatra.. Everything in our house is made by BCs.. He says BCs are the pillars of civilization.. Why Chandrababu could not send at least one BC to Rajya Sabha? CM YS Jagan protested.


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