CM: State Is Moving Towards Energy Self-Sufficiency: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that Kerala will become self-sufficient in energy by relying on renewable energy sources including solar energy and utilizing the potential of hydropower projects. The Chief Minister was speaking at the state-level inauguration of the solar energy plants installed under the auspices of ANERT in the houses built by LIFE Mission and the Scheduled Caste Department at Ayyangali Hall, Thiruvananthapuram.

In the first phase, solar power plants have been installed in 500 houses. Out of this, 400 houses were built by Life Mission and 100 houses by the Scheduled Caste Department. In addition to generating electricity for the home, additional electricity can be fed into the grid to generate economic benefits. In the context of global warming, the state government’s eco-friendly policy is to use renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy instead of fossil fuels. It is also pointed out that similar discussions were held at the climate summit held in Egypt, but due to certain vested interests, the world countries could not reach a decision. He said that even in this situation, the state government is continuing its nature-friendly policy as part of its commitment to the future generation.

The potential of the hydropower projects, which is most dependent on our energy needs, is yet to be exploited. Along with this, floating solar on water bodies and solar pumps on farms will be widely used. Farmers will be relieved by income from surplus power after consumption. Purapura solar power scheme will be scaled up with subsidies to domestic consumers and solar power plants and solar charging stations will be installed in all government offices in the cities. Kerala will reach the target of 3000 MW of solar power by 2025. 475 acres of land have already been acquired for a 100 MW solar park at Chimeni in the Kasaragod district. Once electricity generation through thorium becomes successful, that potential can be exploited as an accessible mineral in the coastal areas of Kerala. The government has set up a Green Hydrogen Hub in Kochi to harness hydrogen, the fuel of the future. He pointed out that the Edaman-Kochi power grid is part of the government’s stance to reduce transmission losses as well as generation.

Considering the future of the state, the development activities undertaken by the state government will continue and the Vizhinjam project will be implemented. The project will be implemented with the full cooperation of the community like GAIL Cooking Gas Line, National Highway Development, and Edaman-Kochi Power Grid. All the political parties have condemned the current incidents of violence because there is no support from the general society for the violent protests. Kerala’s credibility will be destroyed by scrapping a project that has gone too far ahead. This will discourage investment and reduce employment opportunities. This is the government that accepted six of the seven demands demanded by the strike committee. The direction of the protest can be understood if the conspiracies, call in advance, attack on the police station, and calling the sworn minister a traitor because of his name Abdur Rahman. The state government will go ahead with development schemes and implement them with willpower. The Chief Minister stated that by 2025, 40% of the energy consumption will be from renewable energy sources and the power department is doing good work in this area.

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