Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that along with women and youth, people of every section will be uplifted. A competent and self-supporting Bihar will be formed, in which everyone will participate. The Chief Minister said these things while addressing election meetings in Sultanganj, Tarapur and Amarpur on Wednesday.

He said that development is not possible without the upliftment of women. The government is constantly working in this direction. Now 25 thousand will be given to the intermarried daughters and 50 thousand to the graduating daughters. New technology training will be provided under the skilled youth program. Participation of women in administrative institutions will increase. Along with the Student Credit Card Scheme for the youth, new technology training will also be imparted in polytechnics and ITIs, so that the youth can have more employment opportunities. Medha Skill Center will be opened at district level and tool room at subdivision level. To make women competent and self-reliant, five lakhs will get grant money without interest.

Nitish Kumar said that now there will be a system of connecting every village to the main road and to all the farms. There are also plans to construct flyovers according to the requirement in every major city. During this, the Chief Minister also targeted his opponents. Without naming anyone, he said that for some people their own family is everything, but for me the entire Bihar is a family. JDU executive chairman Ashok Chaudhary was also present.



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