CM KCR: This Is A Golden Chapter In Telangana, Willingness To Set Up A Medical College In The District: Telangana government has initiated a new study in medical education. A step has been taken toward the realization of CM KCR’s will to establish a medical college in the district. Eight government medical colleges became available in a single year.

A historic occasion took place in the field of medical education in the country at Pragati Bhavan on Tuesday. Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao started 8 medical colleges at the same time. Telangana state has written a new chapter in the medical field of the country. A key step has been taken toward the realization of CM KCR’s will to establish a medical college in the district. Eight government medical colleges became available in a single year. CM KCR started virtual classes in new medical colleges simultaneously through a program held at Pragati Bhavan. CM KCR has initiated a qualitative change in the field of medicine by starting online classes for MBBS first-year students in 8 medical colleges. With the aim of providing better medical care to everyone in Telangana, a medical college is being established in every district. As a part of this, medical colleges have been made available in Sangareddy, Mahabubabad, Manchiryala, Jagityala, Vanaparthi, Kothagudem, Nagarkurnool, and Ramagundam. CM KCR congratulated the medical students and staff during the inauguration ceremony. CM KCR congratulated Health Minister Harish Rao and senior officials for their efforts.

CM KCR spoke on the occasion of inaugurating medical colleges. He said that this is a golden day for Telangana.. an unforgettable day. He congratulated the medical students, medical officers, district collectors, and administrators of medical colleges. In the past, we faced many problems with drinking water, irrigation water, medical seat, and engineering seat. With the formation of Telangana as a self-governing state, we are now living wonderfully and with self-respect. We are moving forward by undertaking many innovative programs which are leading the country. It is a matter of pride that we have started 8 government medical colleges in this order. No one would have imagined that medical colleges would come up in remote areas like Mahabubabad and Vanaparthi.

Especially in a tribal area like Mahabubabad, in a remote area like Vanaparthi, no one even dreamed that government colleges and medical colleges would come up. The creation of a Swarastate and the leadership of the administration of Telangana by the children who worked as activists made our dreams come true.

The construction of these 8 colleges took shape with the efforts of Harish Rao, a Telangana movement activist, and medical specialist. Special thanks to them. Thanks to the superiors and staff who helped them. We are determined to have a medical college in every district. The number of Government Medical Colleges has increased to 17. They are spread over 16 districts. There is a need to start new medical colleges in another 17 districts.

Cabinet approval has also been given in Prince Pull to take up the construction of these in the coming days. In the coming days, I will also take up the construction of the remaining 17 colleges and, God willing, I will perform the opening ceremony of them as well.

Earlier 850 MBBS seats were available in government medical colleges. Today that number has increased to 2,790. It makes me very happy that this number has increased almost 4 times and all our children are getting seats. Similarly, we have increased PG seats and super specialty seats significantly. Earlier there were 531 PG seats, now 1,180 PG seats are available. Earlier there were only 70 super specialty seats, today 152 seats are available.

With this many opportunities are available for students. This is a good opportunity for students who are like gems and diamonds. This is a good opportunity for Dalit, Tribal, SC, SC, and Minority students. The availability of doctors in proportion to the population is as essential as the availability of para-medical staff. The same indicates the strength of the medical field. The state cabinet approved to increase of this number.

Nursing colleges are also being established in this direction. These arrangements are being made to be balanced in all areas. Even though Mulugu and Bhupalapally districts are in the same constituency, we have sanctioned medical colleges in both areas for their comprehensive development. We have seen pandemic terrorism like Corona. Keeping these conditions in mind, we are strengthening the medical field.

We are developing the medical field to be a great shield against any kind of difficulties. The government is building medical colleges by spending thousands of crores of rupees keeping in mind the health and safety of the people. In all spheres Telangana practices… the country follows. I am very happy that the young state of Telangana is growing so that the country can emulate Telangana in the field of medicine as well.

The students and teachers of the medical field should move forward for the welfare of poor people. The health care of the poor is the government’s responsibility, so the government does not hesitate to spend any amount. Health Minister Harish Rao will take steps to start paramedical colleges across the state soon.

In America too, they died due to a lack of medical facilities. Where the medical system is strong, the loss is minimal. There should be no fear of covid and other viruses. “We are building a medical shield for the state with medical students,” said KCR.


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