Cm Jaganmohan Reddy: I ​​Am Responsible For Changing The Face Of Narasapuram: Then the last Monday of the auspicious month of Kartika Rs. CM Jagan said that we have organized Shankusthanams and inauguration ceremonies for programs costing 3300 crores. In the West Godavari district, Narasapuram, so many foundation stones, and inauguration ceremonies have probably never happened in the history of Narasapuram on the same day. We are laying the foundation stone of Andhra Pradesh Fisheries University. It is going to change the landscape of this region. Aquaculture is the mainstay of this region and it ranks number one in the country in terms of its products and exports. It helps to increase skills and knowledge in aquaculture. Better jobs will come. Wherever there is a need in the country, there is a situation to meet it. From diploma to Ph.D., this university is useful to meet the shortage of human resources in Aquaculture. There are two fisheries universities in the country. One is in Tamil Nadu and one is in Kerala. The third university is coming to our state. We are setting up this university here at a cost of Rs.332 crores. The tender process has already been completed. We are starting work today.

This government is committed to the well-being of the fishermen brothers in the state. We have also laid the foundation stone of a rice-turning fishing harbor here in Narsapuram for the benefit of 6,000 fishermen’s families. We are going to spend Rs. 430 crore rupees for this one rice-turning fishing harbor. Today the state is also going to change completely. There is no need for our fishermen to go to Gujarat or somewhere else to survive. 9 fishing harbors are going to come up like never before in the history of the state. We are spending about Rs.3500 crores on this. CM Jagan said that all kinds of facilities will be available through the fishing harbor.

We are launching this on World Fishermen’s Day. We are providing compensation to over 23,000 fishermen affected by ONDG activities in Mummadivaram. There was no such compensation in the past. We are giving full rights to the farmers on the lands of Narsapuram Agriculture Company. We are benefiting 1623 farmers. I said during the election.. we are maintaining it today. We are going to register them and give them titles. As a permanent solution, the government is going to register and give titles. Just paying Rs. 100 per acre is enough. We are giving lands in the name of farmers. We are laying the foundation stone for the construction of the regulator on salt tar.

We are constructing a regulator, bridge, and lake at a cost of Rs.188 crores so that the seawater does not enter Kolleru through the construction of the regulator, and freshwater is stored up to the fifth contour. We started it today. We have provided medical equipment worth Rs. 66 lakhs. We have also provided an oxygen plant and generator. We are spending Rs.62 crores on this. We have modernized Narsapuram bus station with Rs.4 crores. We started this today. Today we laid the foundation stone of the treasury building built by the British. CM Jagan explained that we have laid the foundation stone for the construction of the substation to provide quality electricity to the rapidly developing Narsapuram.

A strange situation when my padayatra happened in Pa. Go district. The entire coastal area was in a situation where there was no drinking water. Even if it is next to Godavari.. there is no water for drinking. If boreholes are laid.. salt water…, and surface water is polluted. For the drinking water needs of the people of this area… we are laying the foundation stone for the protected water supply project through the water grid at a cost of Rs. 1400 crores in the joint West Godavari district. Water is being supplied through pipelines.

Protected drinking water will be provided to the people of Nidadavolu, Tanuku, Achanta, Palakollu, Narsapuram, Bhimavaram, Undi, Unguntur, Eluru, Tadepalligudem constituencies in the new districts of P. Go, Eluru and Tu. Go, as well as the people of Krishna Kritivennu, Bantumilli, and Gudlavalleru manuals. CM Jagan said that 18.5 lakh people will benefit. Rs. We have laid the foundation stone of Narsapuram Underground Drainage Phase-1 with 87 crores. We will also strengthen the embankments of Godavari. Seshavataram… we will develop pantakalva. We will also start the construction work of Mogalthur pantakalva. So many programs are going on about Narsapuram alone. The work of a medical college has also started in Palakollu. Jagan said that tenders are also being called in January regarding Vashishta Bridge.


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