Cm Jagan: Itc Spice Plant – Wonderful Movement: CM Jagan inaugurated the Global Spices Processing Facility Unit set up by ITC at Vankayalapadu Spice Park in Yadlapadu Mandal of Palnadu District. On this occasion CM Jagan said.. ‘Welcome to all. Congratulations to the ITC team for setting up such a good industry that will benefit thousands of farmers. ITC Limited Chairman Sanjeev Puri, Spices Board Secretary Sathian, my cabinet colleagues, state government officials, and all the guests congratulated me.

ITC Spice Plant – Wonderful Movement.
ITC Global Spice Plant will start here today. It is a wonderful moment. An investment of around Rs.200 crores, 20 thousand metric tons of chilies, and 15 other spices are also processed and exported from here every year. 15 types of organic spices like ginger, turmeric, coriander, and cardamom are processed along with chilies. The first phase of this plant has been completed. It is said that the second phase will also be completed in another 15 months. If that is also completed… ITC Chairman Sanjeev Puri said that our state will have the largest spices processing plant not only in the country but also in the Asian continent. A processing unit of 20,000 metric tons is already being set up. This will, directly and indirectly, create employment opportunities for 1500 people. Above all, this will be a great boon for the 14,000 farmers in this area. The construction of this plant started in November 2020. Today is November 2022 i.e. in just 24 months the construction of this plant has started and the works have been completed. The steps taken so fast mean that no other proof is needed for the cooperation of the state government in this.

Ease of Doing Business – AP Number One.
Let’s talk about the ease of doing business here. Rather than talking about this… ITC Chairman Sanjeev Puri spoke highly about the ease of doing business in Andhra Pradesh. It is a great credit to every official in Andhra Pradesh that these words came from his mouth.
Over the last three years, the state of Andhra Pradesh has taken the number one position in the country in terms of ease of doing business every year. For the first time in Ease of Doing Business, for the last three years, the marks related to Ease of Doing Business are given only after asking the opinions of the people who are setting up the industries and taking them into consideration. Under such conditions, Andhra Pradesh’s taking the number one position in ease of doing business for the past three years is a great change. A great virtue.

Pud processing units in 26 districts with Rs.3450 crores…
We have already taken action to come up with more such pud processing units. We have formed 26 districts. The state government has planned to set up 26 pud processing units with an investment of Rs.3450 crore to make it possible through value addition to get an even better price for all the crops grown locally by the farmers in every district. This will not only benefit the farmers in every district but also create about 33 thousand jobs. In relation to phase 1, we will lay foundation stones for 10 units with an investment of Rs.1250 crores in December and January. Once all these are completed, these 26 will be available in another two to three years. Thus, it will be a boon to farmers across the state.

Value addition for farmers’ produce.
I inquired about the procedure for this spice plant. I also inquired what their procedure is and what they do. As soon as the material arrives, e-processing is completed in various ways like cleaning, grading, de-steaming, grinding, blending, steam sterilization, packing, etc., then value addition is done to the crop grown by the farmers. These processing units are being set up with the aim of facilitating their sale in the export market. Coming up with such processing units in our state will definitely benefit our farmers. Since a processing unit has been set up here with an investment of hundreds of crores of rupees, ITC will take a step forward in the program of giving a better rate for the products of our farmers.

I am very happy to see such great changes in the agriculture sector. The first step in such great changes was the establishment of Rythu Bharosa Kendras in every village when our government came.
Around 10,668 RBKs have been established in the state by establishing RBKs in every village. By appointing an agricultural assistant in every RBK, who has completed his graduation in agriculture, we have created a great revolution in the villages by holding the farmer’s hand and accompanying him from seed to sale.

Just a phone call away – Govt.
I would like to inform the management of ITC that ITC organizations should get into better conditions in this state and that there will never be any backwardness in providing all kinds of support to ITC from the state government.
Sanjeev Puri, I have one more thing to say.
Whenever you face any problem… the state government is just a phone call away. Keep this in mind. Considering your difficulty as our difficulty.. we will solve it as fast as possible. This is our word. The CM concluded his speech by saying, “Thank you once again for setting up such a good project.”


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