Chinese President Xi Jinping announced on Thursday that China has completely won the fight against poverty by improving the economic standard of more than 77 million people in the last four decades. He said that this is a ‘miracle’ done by the country, which will be recorded in the pages of history. While addressing the program organized here on the country’s achievement in poverty alleviation, Xi announced that poverty has been completely eradicated from the world’s most populous country. The population of China is around 1.4 billion. He said that no country has succeeded in bringing millions of people out of poverty in such a short time.

Xi said that all poor people living in rural areas have been lifted out of poverty and with this, China has achieved the United Nations target on poverty alleviation 10 years before the 2030 deadline. He said that the last 9.899 crore poor people living in rural areas were taken out of poverty in the last more than eight years. All 832 poor counties and 128000 poor villages have come out of the poverty list.

Xi said that from the reforms introduced in the late 1970s to the present poverty line of China, 77 crore poor people have been lifted out of poverty. He said that China contributed more than 70 percent to the global poverty reduction during this period. Xi said that with these achievements China performed miracles, which will be recorded in the pages of history.

He took power at the end of 2012 and at the time he said the complete eradication of poverty was his main goal. At that time there were about 100 million poor people in China. The Chinese President said that according to the International Poverty Line of the World Bank, the share of Chinese people who have come out of poverty in the last 40 years is more than 70 percent of the global figure.

His claim for poverty alleviation comes ahead of the centenary celebrations of the Communist Party of China (CPC) this year. There is a possibility that in the middle of this year China may also declare the country to be a prosperous society in all aspects.


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