Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher says I will communicate to Param and Karan too. Rajveer says we’re going to meet them. Harshdeep says thank you. What is this? Seher says I may be mother for the primary time so I will begin analyzing this. Harshdee says you purchased it for me? Thanks. She takes it. Rajveer says I ordered books for you already.

rajveer says permit me study them for you. THe greater love there’s among mama and papa the greater healthful the child might be. He says don’t fear if we aren’t in love. We are such true friends. He reads the subsequent book. Love is maximum vital in lifestyles. Rajveer reads love is the maximum vital. Your husband loves you the maximum, your lifestyles partner. Feel the affection in among you. Close your eyes who were there with you in everything. Seher closes her eyes and sees Rajveer’s face. Rajveer says the only who holds your earlier than you fall. Your authentic love is the only who takes your problems on him. Seher recollects how he stored her from the goons. That’s your authentic love. Rajveer says so filmy. Did you notice any face? Seher says I wanna sleep. Seher appears at Rajveer and sleeps.

Scene 2
Rajveer and Seher come to Param’s house. Seher asks Badi bi in which are they? Badi bi says how should you’re taking any such huge choice? They haven’t even eaten. Seher says I want to cause them to consume first.

Param and Karan don’t forget what Seher said. Rajveer involves them. Param says we don’t need to speak to you. Rajveer says you may punish me in case you suppose it’s my mistake. But don’t break the own circle of relatives relations. Karan says who started? We concept our sister has the nice lifestyles partner. But we have been wrong. rajveer says I understand your emotions. But simply placed your self in my shoes. If your sister requested you to provide her your first baby might you have the ability to mention a no? No right? I can get your anger however please apprehend my sitation. Dida burned herself. I desire I should extrade the past. The fact is that dida gave her baby to keep me. She should in no way end up a mom after that. I noticed crying and pain. But she in no way permit me experience any shortcoming. She in no way permit me sleep hungry. She suffered however covered me. I understand what she has suffered to be in which she is. How can I ruin her heart? How should I say no to her? I couldn’t. Karan says wow Rajveer. Great. You’re considering your sister and whilst we’re considering our sister you need us to reflect onconsideration on you? Param says we don’t believe you anymore.

Seher comes there. She says how dare you each now no longer consume. She makes them consume. Param hugs her. He says come sit. Karan says sorry we won’t ever pass meal. Seher makes them consume. Karan says don’t cry. Let me make you consume now. Rajveer smiles. Seher says you each believe me right? They say yes. More than ourselves. Seher says then trust me. I won’t do something that owuld harm you. Karan says we handiest need your happiness. Param says this choice won’t can help you be happy. Seher says lighting fixtures a person else’s lifestyles additionally carry mild to your lifestyles. Param says don’t cry. Karan says we can deal with everything. Seher says you each must promise me that you may now no longer get indignant and in no way pass meal. They each say promise.

Rajveer receives a call. Rajveer is going out. Badi bi sayslet’s cross in. He says Seher Dr. Gaitri known as foe a test up. Seher says however dida? He says I advised her it’s only a everyday test up. She had a assembly so she didn’t come.

Scene 3
Seher and Rajveer come to the hospital. Seher says thank God dida didn’t come. I become so tensed. The nurse says permit’s cross for artifcial insemination test. Harshdeep comes there. Rajveer and Seher see her. she’s shocked. Harsh says what become she saying? I requested her to do your everyday test up. And what’s taking place right here? The nurse says didi ji.. Seher says we have been asking her the same. Rajveer says artif.. Harsh says close up. Harshdeep asks the nurse what have been you saying? She says synthetic insemination. Harshdeep asks the medical doctor what does it mean? He says to get pregnant with an injection in place of everyday procedure. Harshdeep is indignant.

Rajveer says please concentrate dida.. Harshdeep drags him. She says I raised you want a child and also you have been fooling me? You knew how a good deal have I waited for Sonu. I waited on the way to be together along with your spouse so I could have Sonu. Sonu is neither your baby nor Seher’s. He will handiest be my baby. He may be born together along with your bonding with Seher now no longer synthetic way. She breaks matters in anger. Harshdeep says how dare you.. Seher says dida please concentrate to us once. Harshdeep says I advised you I need the kid together along with your love. He can’t be synthetic. He must have Babar blood. My baby won’t be synthetic. She breaks matters in anger. Rajveer says what are you doing dida..

Harshdeep shouts Dr. Gaitri.. Where is she? Call her? Rajveer says please concentrate dida. They try and calm her down. Gaitri comes. She’s scared. She says see what has befell due to you. the nurse says sorry didi ji.. sorry medical doctor. Gaitri says due to your mistake any such huge false impression is created. The synthetic insemination become for Mr. Rajveer Singh now no longer Rajveer Baba. Rajveer says that is what we have been attempting to inform you dida. Seher says Dr. Gaitri known as us right here for Vitamin test. Harshdee says I am without a doubt sorry. Get assessments achieved and take Seher home. The nurse takes them for assessments.

Harshdeep holds gaitri’s hand. Harshdeep says I understand you’ve labored difficult to end up a medical doctor. Imagine what I might have achieved to end up CM. No you can still conceal something from me. Gaitri is scared. Harshdeep says if I discover you’re hiding some thing from me. your profession is over. Got it?

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajveer mocks at Seher and says I am so fats now. So a good deal acidity. Seher laughs. Rajveer dances with Seher.


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