Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 8th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher says in which are you taking this discussion? We are a own circle of relatives. We constantly should be there for every other. Didi ji has suffered so tons. If you knew you won’t speak like this. Life has been unfair to us. Karan says what approximately us? Param says hasn’t existence been unfair to us? Param says didi ji you may ask for our heads for all of the favors you’ve finished however the sort of large price.. we misplaced our mother and father in childhood. It’s clean to mention however dwelling existence with out mother and father is tough. Only we recognise that. We are a bond. Seher’s baby could be very vital for us. Even if God asks us for him we won’t supply him. It become our parent’s dream to look her being a mother. We can’t supply that dream to you. Her baby will continue to be with her. Only her.

Param sits and cries and says please didi ji. This baby is unique for us. Our parent’s dream. Karan says we don’t want their permission. We have instructed them our selection. Let’s cross from here. Enough. Seher says please listen.. that is my selection. I need you to be with me in it. Karan takes Param from there. Sehr says please. Karan says while you convert your selection allow us to recognise. We will wait. Seher says to Param please Veer ji.. he leaves her hand and that they cross. Seher cries. Rajveer hugs her. Seher cries. Rajveer takes her inside.

Scene 2
Badi bi asks Param and Karan did Haarsh agree? Did Seher agree? I knew she won’t say no to her brothers.. Why are you each silent? They say she didn’t.

Rajveer offers Seher water. Seher says I even have long past towards Param. I experience so week. They aren’t with me on this selection. Rajveer says they love you. I can’t will let you shatter like this. I instructed earlier than too.. My issues shouldn’t create problem on your existence and relations. I even have to speak to dida. Seher holds his hand and says no. They listen Harsh making a song lullaby. Seher says we can’t smash her coronary heart. You won’t say no to her. I can’t stay on this guilt.

Karan says how are we able to stay on this guilt that we couldn’t contend with our sister? I can’t tolerate this. Her child can’t be taken farfar from her. Read this diary. He reads Meher writing we can have fun Seher’s child’s birthday in Gill mansion. Karan says how can we satisfy our mama’s dreams? We should take a robust selection. Param says you’re proper. We should make a robust selection.

Rajveer says however Karan and Param are proper too. They care approximately you. I promise you earlier than me.. Karan and Param have proper in this child. Harshdeep says simplest I may have proper in this baby. If Param and Karan are available in my manner they can’t accept as true with what I can do to eliminate them.

Scene 3
Anurita calls Param. she says why do you sound low? He says I don’t experience like talking. Let’s speak the next day. Anurita wonders what came about to him. Karan calls Anurita. She asks is the whole thing okay? Karan tells her that didi ji desires Rajveer and Seher to provide their baby to her. I recognise you don’t need to speak to me and hate me however we want your assist. We each want your assist. We recognise you’re certainly near didi ji. We should discover a manner to pressurize her. Someone near her can do that. You can assist us. Please.. for Param’s happiness assist us. She says what? He says I recognise you men bond collectively very well. Please Anu.. Anurita says I will try. Didi ji doesn’t alternate her selection. Let me think. He says thank you. Karan says irrespective of what troubles are among you and me Anu however for now maximum vital component is my sister Seher.

Nikhil come and says what had been you saying? Going towards didi ji? SHe is our God. She picked us from the road. Do you even recognise what it way to head towards her?

Scene 4
Rajveer says Seher we can visit Karan and Parma the next day and type is out with them. Seher says my head certainly hurts. Rajveer asks the maid to carry the medicine.

Anurita says she did supply us a existence however she made us achieve this tons in return. She made you kill Kunal. If his case opens up she won’t take a 2nd to entice you in it. What’s going on with Seher and her brothers is wrong. They are true people. We have finished sufficient for didi ji. It’s time to do the proper component. In this matter, I will assist Param and Karan.

Rajveer offers Seher medicine. He says permit me name the doctor. Harsh comes with oil and says don’t name the doctor. Rajveer says her head hurts. She says I am here. Harsh massages Seher’s head. She says like Raj is my baby so are you. When a baby hurts, mummy massages her head. This is your home. Seher recollects how her mother used to rubdown her head. Harshdeep says Seher do you already know what it’s want to be a CM? 24/7 work. Too tons anxiety however I constantly prioritized my own circle of relatives above it. Who else is my own circle of relatives except you two. Since you got here here, my happiness has doubled. You’re my baby. My daughter. I recognise your brothers are disillusioned with me, I am a touch harm too. But we’re own circle of relatives. Whatever you watched is proper, do it. If my destiny doesn’t have being a mother written, then it’s okay. Seher says please don’t say that. I will in no way again out from my promise. Your coronary heart is made from gold. I will satisfy my promise.

Episode ends.

Precap-The nurse says to Seher and Rajveer come for the checks for synthetic insemination. Harshdeep comes there. Seher and Rajveer are scared.


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