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Choti Sardarni 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the national capital, Delhi , 286 new cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the last 24 hours. 2 new patients have also died. With this, the total cases have increased to 6,41,101 in Delhi so far, but the infection rate has been recorded only 0.31 percent. In the last 24 hours, breaking records in Delhi means the highest number of Tests so far, 91,614. Of these, only 286 (0.31 per cent of the total) new cases were reported. This means that after doing 1000 tests in Delhi, only three people have been infected with corona. So far, a total of 10,921 deaths have occurred due to Corona virus in Delhi.

Out of 91,614 tests, 71,250 RT-PCR tests have been done in Delhi in the last 24 hours. This number is also the highest. A total of 1,28,26,117 tests have been done so far. The recovery rate of corona virus infection in Delhi has been recorded at 98.01%. In the national capital, active patients 1808 i.e. only 0.28% have been recorded. However, the death rate was 1.70 percent. In the last 24 hours in Delhi, 260 patients have been cured of corona infection, which is 26 less than the total new infected. The total number of cured patients in Delhi so far is 6,28,377.

Meanwhile, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has said that the infection rate in Delhi was 16% in November while the infection rate has been registering below 1% for the last 2 months. Today, more than 90 thousand corona tests have been conducted in Delhi and the infection rate has been recorded at 0.3%. He said that preparations to deal with Corona are complete. 10% of the beds are not admitted to the patients in the hospitals. 90% beds are empty. Apart from this, a large number of tests are being done in hospitals and dispensaries. He said, “Pandemic (epidemic) phase is ending in Delhi, and Delhi is going to endemic phase.”

Executive Chairman of Gujarat Congress Hardik Patel (Hardik Patel) said the state civic polls questioned the functioning of the state unit on Sunday showed rebel attitude after the defeat of the party and claimed that none of them have worked in these elections Gaya and his opinion was not taken on the ticket for a single seat. However, he also dismissed speculation of leaving the Congress in future and said that he will remain in the Congress and will carry out whatever responsibility the party gives him.

Hardik Patel in an interview also questioned the understanding of the central leadership of the party over Gujarat and said that his party in the state has failed to fight as an opposition and to make the Congress strong again to make the high command to Gujarat Have to understand. He also said that the legislators have to be kept separate from the work of the organization.

Patel, once the prominent face of the Patidar reservation movement, made these comments when the Congress faced a crushing defeat in the elections of the Municipal Corporation, Municipal, District and Taluka Panchayats in Gujarat a few days ago. The party could not even open its account in Surat Municipal Corporation. The BJP left the Congress far behind by winning 6,236 out of 8,470 seats in the municipal, district and taluka panchayats. The Congress won only 1,805 seats.

When asked about the reasons for the defeat of the Congress party which could not play the role of the opposition, Hardik Patel said, “We have failed to gain the confidence of the people.” As an opposition, we failed in the struggle we should have. People feel that the work they should have done while in opposition was not done by the Congress. Due to this, the Aam Aadmi Party got votes in many places. “He said,” In Surat our movement colleagues asked for only two tickets. The party did not give that either. In these two seats, we lost 36 seats. “It is noteworthy that in the last civic elections, the Congress had won more than 30 seats in Patidar-dominated areas of Surat.

Without naming any leader, Patel claimed, “I am just the acting president and I had no role in ticket distribution.” I was not even called… I was told that the Executive Chairman has no role. Nevertheless, I held many meetings on my own. I have not been given any program or work by the State Congress Committee. ”

He said,” How will it happen when you do not go among the people, do not deliver the words of your manifesto? We did not have any big banner in a city like Ahmedabad. People feel that there is no Congress in the elections. The people in Gujarat do not like the BJP, but we are not able to convince the people that we are standing with them. ”

According to my opinion Patel was not taken in ticket distribution , “Preparations for the election of local bodies were going on for three months. Not even once in three months have I been told that you have to do this work. Tickets were distributed in more than five thousand seats, but in one seat I was not asked what to do, even in Patidar dominated areas, my opinion was not taken. ”

What did Hardik Patel say about the resignations, when asked about the resignation of Amit Chavda from the post of state president and Paresh Dhanani from the post of Leader of Opposition, Patel said, “If I were also the president, I would have taken responsibility. Those people have resigned, but the responsibility lies with everyone. Now everyone will have to work hard. “He emphasized on this,” Along with strengthening the organization, the legislators will have to be kept separate from the organization. MLAs should work in their respective fields. See the strength of the organization in the BJP. Does any BJP MLA or MP advise their president about the ticket? ”

Congress high command has to understand Gujarat When asked whether the Congress high command did not take necessary steps in time, Patel said, “They (high command) have to understand Gujarat, Gujarat will have to give importance. We have not been in power in the state for 30 years. If we do not understand Gujarat, young workers like us will be disappointed. The party is falling day by day and no one is paying attention. ”


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