Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
rajveer says i’m able to display you what a mess am i able to be. He makes a multitude within the washroom. Rajveer comes out. There’s no furnishings within the room. Seher says surprise. As according to your command, i wiped clean this room. Awesome proper? You could sleep here and feature fun and sing and dance. I can also stay right here with you.

Seher appears at the washroom and says oh god i have to easy the washroom too now. Don’t worry i will smooth it just like the room. Are you irritated? Something is burning. Are you? Will you shout like the films now? Do as tons drama as you want. There’s no advantage now. He says you’ll realize the advantage quickly. You don’t recognize me. I am juwala mukhi. Seher says you’re a matchstick. You can blow in a moment. He says one matchstick is enough to burn the trash. Seher says deliver it a try. Rajveer says forestall me if you may.

Scene 2
there are groups on the lunch. Seher offers tea to all of us. Param is disenchanted. Seher says don’t be mad on the meals as a minimum. He is taking the tea. Rajveer comes downstairs and says own family time? Is your returned hurting snoozing at the guesthouse mattress param? He’s taking kulawnt’s peanuts. Kulwant says go back them. He says sharing is caring.

Rajveer takes the tea. He says to seher my pals are coming this night. Put together the entirety for the. Dinner and get the booze equipped too. He says to kulwant do you continue to drink or left it? Need to i am getting imported one for you? He says my pals are such that women shouldn’t come in the front of them. Simply send the meals with the servants. Make something unique. Seher says everything could be achieved. She says saag and pakoray can be mad. Seher smiles. Seher says to ginni and jeeto allow’s go cook. Kulwant says can’t you notice seher? He’s calling his unwell-mannered friends and also you’re making food for them? Seher says he can do what he wishes. I know what to do.

Scene three
at night, rajveer calls his goons. He says this house is yours this night. Dance, break matters and do what you need. But no misbehavior with girls. They say ok. Rajveer says pass have fun. He says seher you watched you could win from me? You don’t recognize me yet. It’s not possible to win from me. See how you kick me out now. The guys come in.

There’s a pooja going within the house. Seher says welcome in. Wash your arms and do the pooja. Come brothers. Rana says wherein are you going? There’s a pooja come take a seat with us. Seher says to rajveer you stated your friends are coming. I concept what’s higher than praying. I concept proper? Rajveer’s pal says what to do now? He says we can do birthday party later. They leave. Seher cleans rajveer’s fingers. He does pooja along with her. Rajveer sits next to param. Rajveer says please forgive me baba ji. I am doing all this for seher. Pandit ji gives him prasad and says distribute it. Rajveer gives prasad to absolutely everyone. Seher says baba ji additionally wishes us to stay together. Pandit ji says come bow down together. Seher and rajveer bow down collectively.

Seher says nobody can component us. You can hate me as much as you want. You gained’t win. Rajveer says you’re too overconfident. I’m able to do the sort of big blast that you may kick me far faraway from your lifestyles. This is my word. Scene four
bitu and rana’s kids play with sheer. Rajveer appears at them and the track humari adhuri kahani plays. Seher appears at him. She additionally receives emotional. Rajveer prays that he receives out of seher’s lifestyles so she will stay her life. He says i must do something i in no way desired to. Forgive me. Rajveer calls someone and says do as i say with the aid of the next day. Seher comes there. Seher says who are you talking to?

He says mind your personal business. Seher says i were given you a pillow. Rajveer says i don’t want them. Seher says suitable good fortune then. Seher says i realize you care for me. Irrespective of how much drama you do. You’re my rajveer and also you care for me. Reality lighting up the lies. Rajveer throws the lamp. He says see. The mild is long gone. You may keep looking for your fact and i can make your lifestyles darkish. Seher lighting her smartphone’s mild. She says turned into that is it? He says this turned into simply the trailer.

Episode ends

precap-rajveer is asleep. Seher say did you name me? He says no. Seher says i know you pass over me. Maintain doing drama. Accurate night. She gives him blanket.


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