Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
seher says you asked me to clean you. He says i didn’t inquire from me to throw buck on me. She says i can do as you assert the next time. Leave all dirt, fights out of doors and welcome in. Seher says i recognize you’re doing all this so i hate you and go away you. I understand the way to restoration men such as you. I am the sardarni of this house. I can deal with you on my own. Rajveer says positive. Be satisfied. This dust is enough for now, there’s a lot extra dirt for next 6 months. Be prepared.

Seher says you may’t scare me with all this. You’ve got made me stronger. Rajveer sneezes. Seher gives him shawl. Rajveer takes it off. He throws it and says you watched i am sensitive? What do you watched of your self? Seher selections it and says i’m your spouse and could continually be. He says in case you suppose you could forestall me this house and save this marriage with all this you’re a fool. I’ve decided to end it. I will make your lifestyles a mess. Seher says i recognise a way to fix you. She holds his hand and says allow’s go. Kulwant receives indignant.

Scene 2
seher brings rajveer within the residence. He leaves her hand. Seher says game on. He says positive. Rajveer washes his garments in the corridor. Seher says we’ve got a rest room here. Rajveer says i do what i want. Seher rubs the cushion on his face. Kulwant is available in anger. She says i will kill him. Bitu says please calm down. Rana says mummy ji please. Kulwant says i can kill him. He’s in our house and displaying us tantrum. Rajveer says i am your sil. It’s my right. Kulwant says i’m able to take our all of your rights. Rajveer says excellent house. Which room is the most important in this house? It have to be param’s.

Param says don’t even reflect onconsideration on it. Rajveer says i determine proper away. Param says he gained’t live in my room. Rajveer says then ask your sister to kick me out. Must i leave seher? Rajveer performs with bitu and rana’s children. He asks which one is param’s room. They tell him. Rajveer says thank you. He is going to param’s room. Seher says he’s here for six months. That is court docket’s order and we have to take delivery of it. Rajveer says i’m going to my room. Rajveer is going to param’s room. Kulwant says we need to all beat him. Karan says seher will manage everything. Kulwant says i’m silent beacuse of seher. I will hit him in 2 mins. Param says don’t that. She says handiest because of seher. I need her to kick him out. Bitu says you are always against folks who love. Rana says but mummy ji is proper approximately rajveer. Karan says we must assist seher. She has suffered so much. Param says and now he’s in my room?

Scene three
rajveer tears the magazines. He breaks seher param and karan’s own family image. He says hi seher. I stink proper. Seher says no bad conduct and no horrific scent. He says let me cross then. In any other case your house rules will maintain breaking. There will be greater drama. Seher says i want to peer your drama. Let me see your drama. It’s cool. Rajveer says you’ll regret. He takes off his kurta. Seher says i recognize the way to cope with the drama. Seher says i can remorse, i can leave the world, i’m able to depart living, however i received’t go away this marriage. Rajveer shoves her hand and says i don’t care in case you go away me, i will shatter your self belief. Seher says i’ve support of my own family. Rajveer says meaning i can have to interrupt your circle of relatives.

Seher says can’t even open button, and might smash own family? He says go wash and press my kurta. Move be an awesome spouse. Seher says certain. She picks the kurta and says i will be wife. Allow’s see the way you emerge as my husband. You need to be my husband. Be my family and growth it. They each appearance away and recollects their miscarraige. Rajveer says i don’t have time for all this. Move and smooth the room. I am going to take shower. Rajveer is going inside the bathe and cries. Seher is in tears outdoor. Ginni says i made tea for rajveer. He was bloodless. Kulwant says deliver him poison. Karan says seher cares for rajveer.

Kulwant says i hate him. She beverages the tea. Bitu says however you didn’t like jeeto both however she is for your crew nowadays. Please, we must assist seher. Ginni says he’s seher’s husband. Param says is that how husbands are? He knows seher lost her toddler and he.. Seher comes. Kulwant says seher please kick rajveer out. Kulwant says he will wreck your heart once more. Seher says i like raj. It’s my choice that he lives with us in this residence. I need aid from you all. Rajveer cries inside the bathe. He says seher.. Now you see what this jatt does. Be geared up for the mess. Episode ends

precap-rajveer says my pals are coming tonight. Prepare the quality dinner for them. Contend with them. Seher says don’t fear, we are able to put together everthing. Rajveer brings a few goons and says this house is yours for tonight. Celebration, dance, ruin matters. If all people comes between our birthday party we will destroy them.


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