Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
kulwant comes home and packs her bag. Seher says nani please don’t do this. I want to provide this marriage a risk. Kulwant says i can’t see you in pain. If he lives right here i’ll go away the residence. Seher says he’ll stay here for 6 months handiest. Kulwant says ship me returned to mental asylum. Seher says don’t say that. Kulwant says then leave him. You married him to store your brothers and it become a entice. Move on. Param says nani is right. Seher says i like him more than myself. I’m able to’t leave him. Karan says raj is a great human. We need to support her. I support seher. Kulwant steps returned. Seher says you’re doing what you did with mama. I don’t realize whats proper and incorrect. I’m able to determine things for my life. Bitu says seher is proper. Rana says no mummy ji is proper. His spouse says i’d combat for my love. Jeeto says mummy ji is proper. Kulwant says let him come here. I gained’t make him live here. Seher says raj and that i will be together. Seher says raj will soften and could come up with all a lot love you’ll all love you.

Scene 2
rajveer is about to return. Seher gets prepared. Karan says all of the high-quality seher. Bitu says which sweets should i order? Ginni says what drink? Kulwant says he liquids blood. Param says rethink seher. Rajveer comes on a jeep in fashion. Every body is taken aback. His friends are with him. Media is likewise with him. Rajveer cuts off seher’s dupatta. She is stunned. Kulwant says how dare you do that to my daughter. He says punishing the chunri. It came in my manner. Some thing is available in big apple way i cut it. Param says if this knife touched my sister i would kill your. Seher stops param. He says i was making my way. Rajveer gets off the jeep. He asks his pal to take photos. Rajveer says you what me to live right here proper? You have to clean my shoe first. Kulwant says thoughts your language. Param says how dare you. Karan stops him. He says chill out. Seher says what are you doing raj. You usually loved me. He says what love. Now my life and hate and dirt, all is yours. Entire punjab will see it.

Cm’s brother and ex spouse’s depend. I’ll stay with you in for that reason house. You have to easy this dirt first. Come on we don’t have time. We don’t have the entire day. Kulwant says i’ll kill him. I advised you stay far from him. Wander off. Media reviews it. Karan asks them to depart. Seher cleans the shoe. Kulwant says you can’t do it. Karan says this isn’t proper. Param says what form of love is it? Rajveer says do it. People deliver their lives in love. Turned into it ever love? Seher bows down and makes rajveer fall in dust. Kulwant laughs and says exceptional. Seher says oh god raj. Are you k? You desired me to clean your shoe, i’ll clean you complete. You fell lots. Let me get you up. Rajveer gets up. Seher says say cheese. She throws water bucket on him. Rajveer is indignant. He is taking the bucket and throws it. Seher says i gained’t permit you to be successful. Episode ends

precap-rajveer says you’ll regret seher. Seher says i will die but gained’t leave you. Rajveer says i’ll shatter your confidence.


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