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Choti Sardarni 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tamil Nadu government transport workers have been on indefinite strike across Tamil Nadu since this morning, demanding the immediate implementation of the 14th pay rise agreement. Thus, most buses are not operated. Thus, the public is inconvenienced.

Nine unions, including the Thomusa CITU, will go on an indefinite strike from today (February 25) demanding the immediate implementation of the 14th pay hike agreement for Tamil Nadu government transport workers, the payment of pensions to transport workers as soon as they retire, and the filling of vacancies in the state transport sector. It was announced on Wednesday that it would join the struggle.

Following this, Tamil Nadu State Transport Department officials warned that the government would take disciplinary action against workers who went on strike without coming to work.

Government transport workers have been on strike across Tamil Nadu since this morning. Thus, most of the buses in many districts in different parts of the state are not running. Thus, the public is inconvenienced without transportation.

Employees of 11 unions, including the DMK’s Thomusa and the CBI’s CITU, have been involved in the government transport workers’ strike.

Millions of people use government buses in Chennai every day. Chennai Transport Corporation officials said that 60 percent of the buses are operated in Chennai.

However, many of the passengers were waiting for the bus to be available. Many were inconvenienced without a bus.

Similarly, government buses operated less in Kanchipuram district. Kanchipuram workshop Thomusa leader Bhupathi said, “There are only 5-6 buses running to a depot in Kanchipuram district. Ruling party unions, along with opposition unions, have joined the strike. They also don’t drive buses. Therefore, this strike is a great success. ”

Similarly, in Trichy district, only 50% of buses are operated due to the strike by transport workers. Passengers waiting at the Trichy Central bus stand were inconvenienced as fewer buses were operating.

About 60 percent of workers at eight workshops in the Dindigul region of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation took part in the strike. Thus, out of the total 450 government buses operating in Dindigul district, only 40% are operational today. Private buses were overcrowded as government buses did not operate.

Speaking to the media on the strike by government transport workers, CITU state president Soundarajan said, “Transport workers in Tamil Nadu will intensify their struggle. The minister did not call the unions and negotiate. The struggle will continue until the Tamil Nadu government calls for talks. ”


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