Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says nothing is greater essential than your happiness. I’ll quit everything to your happiness. Rajveer alternatives the paper. He cries. Seher makes a card for rajveer. Rajveer signs and symptoms the divorce papers. Karan says you’ll both be together. The attorney calls seher. He says rajveer has signed the papers. Seher is bowled over. Karan says what did he say? Seher seems in the mirror and cries. Rajveer walks on the roads. He recalls his moments with seher. Rajveer involves temple. Rajveer says baba ji i prayed plenty for seher’s love. I should in no way tell her i really like her and today while she confessed her love.. It’s too overdue. I’m sorry i couldn’t do my guarantees. I’m no longer doing this for myself however her happiness. You could punish me. Seher cries. She remembers what rajveer stated. Rajveer writes seher’s name on the beach. Seher makes a locket of sehraj. Rajveer says this is higher for you seher to go far from me. You may’t be glad with me. Seher says raj we will usually be together. We are made for every different. I’m ready to neglect the entirety. I love you raj.

Scene 2
the courtroom listening to starts offevolved. Seher comes together with her family. Rajveer comes too. Rajveer wipes his tears. Seher looks at him. The hearing starts. The choose asks seher and rajveer to return ahead. She says i recognise approximately the hijack case. The manner you saved such a lot of people is commendable. Mr. Rajveer with none crime you needed to visit prison. You saved your spouse’s existence. That’s brilliant. You stored passengers and he saved you. But neither of you may keep your to be baby. Is that the reason to report divorce? Marriage is a bond but if two human beings don’t need to be collectively regulation can’t force them. If you’re no longer glad in a wedding it’s higher to part methods. But your spouse mrs. Seher desires to give this marriage some other danger. Rajveer is stunned. The decide says i need to remember her request.

Rajveer says however she despatched me divorce papers. You could’t deny what you start. The judge says your medical reviews are evaluated via our psychiatrist. You both are going thru ptsd. Humans take emotional selections. Seher did the equal. She decided to get divorce but she wants to think about it. The court docket offers you six months time. You have to live collectively in those six months and supply your marriage some other risk. We will decide our verdict after that. Kulwant says six months? Why? Rajveer says we haven’t any region to stay. I have no domestic. She says you’re cm’s brother. Rajveer says i’ve damaged all members of the family with my sister. Seher says he can stay with me at gill mansion. Rajveer says now can i live at my spouse’s area. Judge says there’s nothing wrong with it. In case your wife can live at your region why can’t you stay at her location? We accept seher’s request. You need to live together and store your marriage.

Episode ends

precap-rajveer involves gill house in style. He says you need me to stay with you proper? Smooth my shoe first.


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