Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says I got here on your lifestyles as a curse. You misplaced Kunal, our child. God desires to understand that I am a curse to you. I have to cross farfar from you. For your happiness, please permit me cross. Forget that I ever got here on your lifestyles. Let me cross.

Kulwant appears for Seher everywhere. She says my Seher isn’t weak. She won’t run farfar from anything. Seher says whilst my dying turned into in the front of me tht day, I best noticed you and also you need me to overlook you? Isn’t that a signal of God. God informed me we’re made for every other. You can’t depart me. God offers lifestyles. You’re now no longer chargeable for Kunal or our child’s dying. I will overlook the whole thing however so have to you. For our future. I love you. We could be collectively and happy. Rajveer says no please cross from here. I best gave you pain. I wish you discover proper love. Rajveer leaves. Seher screams forestall. Seher says forestall mendacity to yourself. God gave us love. How lengthy will you deny which you love me? We each understand you like me. Please listen. Seher runs after him. Seher falls, Rajveer falls on her. The track tu jaane naa plays.

Rajveer receives up and says are you crazy? What if that truck hit you. Seher says why do you care if I die? You wanna cross farfar from me anyway. Just check out my eyes and say it. I won’t forestall you. Rajveer says sure I need to depart you. I don’t wanna be with you. I am finishing the whole thing. Seher says you need to element from this marriage right? You should divorce me then. The track guy bharya plays. Seher says will you do it? Rajveer leaves Seher’s hand. Rajveer says sure I need to give up each dating with you. Seher cries. Rajveer walks farfar from her.

Scene 2
Kulwant says Param and Karan permit’s cross? Bitu and Rana say in which ought to she cross? Karan says I known as all her friends. Kulwant says she have to be on the orphanage. They say permit’s cross. Seher comes withinside the house. Kulwant says Seher? Are you okay? You have to rest. Come take a seat down here. Kulwant says are you okay? Where did you cross? Seher recollects the whole thing. She’s in tears. Kulwant says she have to rest. Seher says no.

Rajveer receives a text, I am Raveen, Seher’s lawyer. Please gather the divorce papers from me. Kulwant says to Seher you probably did right. Param says exactly. Divorce is the quality option. I understand you’re hurt. But this could be the quality choice for you. Kulwnat says from time to time you need to rip the bandaid off. Things come and cross. Seher recollects Rajveer pronouncing he’s finishing the whole thing.

Karan says Seher see this card.. You made it for me and Param on brothers’ day. We tore it aside and saved 1/2 of every. He says your brother is aware of your pain. I am with you and together along with your love. Seher cries. Karan says I understand you like Raj plenty and I can see that during your eyes. Seher hugs him. Rajveer appears on the divorce papers and says I have to set you free. He tears the papers aside. Rajveer says how will I stay with out you? Karan says to Seher each dating has problems. He says Param and I had such a lot of fights too however now the whole thing is sorted. These have been cirucmstances mistake, now no longer Rajveer’s. You can’t divorce him for it. There’s no going returned after you signal. Your lifestyles might be ruined. Think 10 instances earlier than signing them. Seher says he says he doesn’t love me. He desires to cross farfar from me forever. Karan says don’t cry. Seher says he doesn’t love me. The divorce aspect may extrade his thoughts and he may take delivery of his emotions and confesses his love. Rajveer says love will by no means come returned to my lifestyles. seher says we can constantly be collectively Rajveer. We are made for every other. rajveer says I will cry the final time on dying of my child, our dating and this love. Seher says at some point you’ll apprehend why am I doing all this. rajveer says I should do this.

Episode ends

Precap-In the court, the choose says your spouse desires to supply this marriage any other chance. In that case we can provide you with 6 months to stay collectively. Rajveer says we don’t have any vicinity to stay collectively. Judge says then.. Seher says he can live with me at Gill mansion..


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