Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Seher returns home and reviews everybody discussing the uplifting news. Rajveer is concerned for Seher. He inquires as to whether Seher came there.. He says no. Why? Is everything alright? Rajveer attempts to follow her area. Cruel requests that her men search for Seher. She says Sonu I will get you this world. Her man calls her and says we discovered her. Sending the area. Seher strolls on a street. She reviews her minutes with Rajveer. Rajveer discovers her area and runs there.

Seher says mom father.. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. Where has life brought me. I don’tk realize what to do. She cries and says kindly assistance me. Rajveer guaranteed this to Dida. There should be some explanation. However, how might I have a kid with me? He has done a great deal for me. I don’t adore him. He’s my bestfriend however this kid.. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. I can’t say yes or no. Rajveer has helped me a ton. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to help him. I realize he’s concerned. Mom.. father.. Kindly assistance.

Rajveer is coming. Seher cries. Harshdeep comes there and says Rajveer yet probably let you know everything. What’s your choice.. indeed or no? Seher stands up in shock. Unforgiving asks what have you chosen? Seher says I don’t get anything. Cruel says I know young ladies like your age have dreams. So did I.

I got hitched and needed to be a mother. God had other choice. I figured my significant other would cherish me. However, he was a mosnter.. He would hit me and Rajveer. Once attempting to save Raj I needed to lose my own kid. She cries and says my Sonu.. my kid. He comes in my fantasy and calls me mama. Kindly give me my Sonu back. If it’s not too much trouble.. I implore you. A mother is imploring you. Rajveer guaranteed me.

Unforgiving cries. Unforgiving says I realize you don’t have a clue about my aggravation. In any case, if your mother were alive she would work on something for me. She battled the entire world for Karan. That is how a youngster affects her mom. Seher reviews her adolescence. Harshdeep says was my stand by off-base? Was dreaming for a kid wrong? The desire to hear mother was phony? Was it my error to trust my sibling? Kindly say something.. Seher cries. Cruel says kindly let me know will you give me my sonu? If it’s not too much trouble, reply. Swher says I didn’t have any acquaintance with you and Rajveer needed to endure to such an extent.

I didn’tknow all of this. In any case, I can’t.. Cruel says kindly don’t say a no. I can’t hear it. I realize for what reason would you do it for me? Who am I? Rajveer did the guarantee not you.. yet, I don’t want to put my expectations’ weight on you. She holds her heart and shouts. Seher says would you say you are alright? Cruel says I found your solution. It’s a no. Seher says I need some time. I will ponder this and respond to you.

Seher says I will tell you after I think. Rajveer says tell her right now Seher. Tell her plainly that you can’t do this. Seher says to Harsh dont’worry please. Try not to ponder this. Rajveer says Seher didn’t make this guarantee. I did. It’s on me not on her. Seher I need to converse with you. Accompany me. Cruel touches Seher’s face and says I am hanging tight for you at home. She leaves.

Rajveer says what would you like to think about? You will not do it. We realize your answer is no. For what reason did you give her a bogus expectation? Dida is getting passionate. What will you tell her in the wake of reasoning? Seher embraces him. Seher saya I didn’t realize you’ve endured to such an extent. I am so sorry I responded in the first part of the day. I ought to have figured you can do anything for other people. You have accomplished such a great deal for me. You can never envision being off-base. rajveer says what are you saying? In the event that you said no to dida it would end at the present time.

seher says I was unable to say no before her tears and agony. I know what a mother’s aggravation is. My mother experienced something very similar. Rajveer says do you by any chance realize what possess you taken energy for? We are companions. She says I realize we are companions and we would head out in different directions soon. Rajveer says why? Seher says on the grounds that I really required opportunity to contemplate everybody. Inclduing dida. She has accomplished such a great deal for me. I said the best thing. Rajveer embraces her. Seher cries.

Scene closes.

Precap-Harsh has coordinated a festival. Rajveer says what is this dida? She says this is the custom for first gladly received. Rajveer says to Seher you shouldn’t have given her an expectation. Rajveer says I can’t give dida this kid, Harsh swoons.


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