Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says preventing police from doing their task is a crime. Aman’s mother cries and says please allow him live together along with his wife. She says my son died, however Seher stored relaxation of the humans. Let him shop Seher please. Let us all pray for her. You can’t take Rajveer. You must take every person with him. Give us handcuffs too. Inspector says as soon as Seher is aware you’ve to include us. The medical doctors try and shop Seher. Gaitri says she’s dropping coronary heart beat. We must deliver her shock. Rajveer seems on the monitor. He says no Seher. Please you can’t go away me. Everyone prays for Seher. THe line is going straight. Seher’s coronary heart stops. Gaitri offers up. Everyone is shocked.

Everyone begins offevolved crying outside. Rajveer recollects his moments with Seher. Param and Karan scream. Rajveer is available in and says please rise up Seher. He says you can’t go away me. Nothing took place to Seher. They are announcing they couldn’t shop you. You are fine. Open your eyes please Seher. He cries. Rajveer says you can’t go away me. Please open your eyes. Please. He holds her hand. Rajveer says you can’t move. I love you. Please open your eyes. Rajveer says please Seher, you’re my love, my existence, my coronary heart. Please. My coronary heart beats for you. I will die with out you. Kulwant, Param and Karan cry outside. Rajveer says you’ve to rise up. I will combat the God.

Gaittri says Rajveer manipulate yourself. Seher has left us. Rajveer says no. My Seher can’t go away me like that. Don’t say that. Rajveer says rise up Seher. If something takes place to her, I may even die. Our breaths and heartbeats are the same. Please deal with her, she might be fine. Rajveer says medical doctor please deal with her. She can’t go away me. Please wake her up. rajveer says Seher open your eyes and display them please. Rajveer hugs her and cries. Rajveer says please open your eyes.

Scene 2
Gaitri comes out and says to Kulwant please talk to Rajveer. Kulwant says baba ji why did you punish my Seher? Because she stored harmless humans and risked her existence? You couldn’t be so cruel. You must convey my Seher returned. She prays for Seher. Kulwant runs at the road. Everyone prays for Seher outside. Kulwants barefoot at the road. Rajveer says Seher God is with us. Nothing will occur to you. Please open your eyes. Gaitri says please exit Rajveer. They drag him out. Seher breathes. Everyone stops. The medical doctors are shocked.

Kulwant prays on the temple. She says you need to go back Seher’s existence baba ji. The medical doctors deliver Seher CPR. Rajveer says Seher open your eyes. Her coronary heart stops again. Seher doesn’t move. Seher’s soul hears her toddler calling her. She seems on the toddler and says my toddler. No you could love you extra than your mother. Her toddler says sing me lullaby. Seher says I will usually preserve you with me. the toddler says however I am going. Seher says you can’t move farfar from mama. The toddler says mama, they’re right here to take me. When you and papa are collectively they’ll convey me returned to you. Meher involves take the toddler. Seher says I won’t deliver my toddler to anyone, now no longer even you. Meher says there’s a time for everything. This isn’t the time. The toddler says allow me move mama. Meher takes the toddler and is going. Seher cries.

The medical doctors deliver Seher CPR. Her coronary heart revives. Kulwant comes returned with water from the temple. SHe says I am coming Seher. Rajveer says Seher open your eyes please. Rajveer says why isn’t she beginning her eyes? Gaitri says we attempted our best. Seher isn’t anyt any extra. Rajveer is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant offers Seher water from the temple. Seher opens her eyes. Everyone is happy. The inspector says we’ve to take you with us Rajveer.


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