Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Area 1
Rajveer asks Ramila where the fall is? Did Ramila say yes or no? They hear screams, everyone is shaking. Nikhil said smoke was there. Ramila was screaming loudly. difficult to set his house on fire. Everyone knocked and asked him to open it. Rajveer tells Daddy to open it please. She is sitting in her chair. Seher calls the fire department. Rajveer said a fire is coming to you please open .. seher said we will break it.
Rajveer and Seher broke down the entrance. He was surrounded by fire. Sehrr said fida please come out. They jump but it passes.

Area 2
The doctor examines Harsh. Rajveer said it would be okay? Seher said why did he know? The doctor said it would be fine. It was very difficult and he asked me to leave. Rajveer said you remember me once before doing all this? Seher said everyone was terrified. Why did you do this? He said I have heard your country. I do not want to live. Rajveer said not to say that. He says you have broken your promise and my hope. Give me poison. Rajveer said I will not let you do this. He said it was your life that I would decide … but my son was calling me. I want to go to his place. Let me die. Rajveer said please do not say that. He is depressed. Rajveer says not to say any more. Harsh said sonu called me. seher said i know your pain is falling. No one can be as loving as Mom. Taking a baby from its mother is very painful. Promise me you will never do it again You will live a happy life. Because a child will call you but will come into this world. Everyone was amazed. Seher said God will reward you for your pain in the name of Sonu. Does she cry and say repeat it? Sehrr said yes. I will give you this baby. Harsh hugged her and said you made me happy. Thank you. Let’s make a program. I am very happy. Rajveer said you want to rest.

Area 2
Harsh said to Ramila: Did you hear what Seher said? My son is coming. Ramila said you fired yourself to let them say yes? Harsh said I was happy. My son is coming soon. I want to make a program. Ramila said do you want your sonu or something else is your message?

Area 3
Rajveer said this is happening for me. I wish I had never seen you. You will not suffer for me. I’m sorry. Seher says that if it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be here. Sehr said you were with me in any way. We must come together and that is our destiny. He said what happened today was not recorded. As if the fall burns itself, it is not written. Seher says that a mother can do anything for her child. It is helpless. She cries a lot for him. I had to choose between me and my dad and I chose it. Rajveer said what would you decide to change our feelings? Will we love? It’s impossible.

Child? How? ‘Or’ What? How are we? What can we do? Sehr prays. He repeats Meher’s words when you are frustrated, don’t stop. Go on walking and remember that your father is with you. It will work miracles. Seher said I will continue with all my heart. We’ll see what happens next. Rajveer held his hand.
The event closed.

Precap-Harshdeep said, let’s start this ceremony. Rajveer helps Seher in everything. They work together to make sugar. The song is called tu jahan.


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