Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Seher says I know you’re in pressure. what’s disturbing you? Kindly advise me. I realize you come here when you’re vexed. Advise me. Wouldn’t you be able to allow me to help you? Kindly advise me. A lady falls. Rajveer holds her. She says child kindly take me out. Harshdeep additionally goes to the sanctuary.

Ramila follows her. Seher asks Rajveer if it’s not too much trouble, advise me. What’s the explanation of your pressure? He says you.. You are the explanation of my pressure. Seher says me? I’m the explanation of your pressure? He says no.. You’re missing the point. Seher says you’re correct. You cherished that young lady and presently you are hitched to me. You’re trapped in this marriage. I will leave you today. You don’t need to endure this at this point. I will leave your life today. You can send legal documents. Rajveer says no..

Brutal asks at the sanctuary. She reviews she came there and supplicated kindly satisfy my desire God. I need to be a mother. She says Pir baba you gave me a youngster yet he was unable to result in these present circumstances world. My subsequent desire is that Rajveer satisfies his guarantee. It was my fantasy to turn into a mother. If it’s not too much trouble, give me a youngster. Kindly assist Ravjeer with persuading Seher and the two of them can give me this kid.

Seher leaves. Rajveer says Seher dida needs us to give her our first kid. Seher is stunned. She stops. Rajveer says I said indeed, I guaranteed her Seher. Seher plunks down in shock. Seher prevents him from going to her. Seher cries. Rajveer says Seher.. I didn’t intend to.. Seher ventures back and plunks down. She cries.

Rajveer says I was unable to try and consider you that way. Seher says I let you know I confided in you the most. First Kunal broke my trust and presently you. Rajveer says I take my words. Kindly pardon me. She says you said what you needed to. You said we are companions as it were. There can’t be any connection between us. You need a kid between us? Truly? Rajveer says let me clarify. Seher says everything is changed. Nothing can resemble how it was. Rajveer says if it’s not too much trouble, tune in.

Scene 2

Cruel goes to the vehicle. Ramila sneaks in the storage compartment. Cruel says you can come sit on the seat. You figure I didn’t realize you were in the vehicle? Brutal says I needed to be a mother. I need Rajveer and Seher to give me their first kid. He will call me mother. I will effectively get my Sonu back regardless of whether I need to kill somebody. I will get the kid.

Seher flees. Rajveer says if it’s not too much trouble, tune in.. She says don’t draw close to me. He says if it’s not too much trouble, tune in. Seher says let me be. Simply go. Rajveer says kindly pay attention to me once. She says did you pay attention to me? For what reason wouldn’t you be able to leave me alone. try not to try and need to see your face. Try not to try and converse with me. I couldn’t say whether I will at any point converse with you once more. Simply let me be. She leaves. Rajveer stays there and cries.

Scene 3

Ramila says you figure Rajveer will give you his kid? Furthermore, Seher is sharp. She won’t ever give you her youngster. You won’t ever be a mother. Cruel says escape my vehicle. Ramila says what? She says escape my vehicle. Ramila is out and about. Ramila says you will pay for this.

Rajveer gets back home. Cruel says did you tell Seher? He says yes I did. Brutal says thank you Raj. Express gratitude toward God. You made me so cheerful. I can hardly wait for the uplifting news. Did you enlighten her regarding the guarantee? Rajveer says she’s in a shock. Cruel says why? Did she say yes? Will she concur? Rajveer says no. Cruel says how could she.. Rajveer says how might she say a yes? You know the condition we got hitched in. There is no ordinary spouse wife connection between us. You are pondering yourself. You are not thinking often about Seher.

This is off-base. She says goodness. My sibling is grown up. Presently you’re conversing with me like that? I never thought the one I brought up like my own youngster you will converse with me like this. Rajveer says I never thought either that my dida who resembles a mother would request this. Harshdeep says it’s out of my hands. I need my child back. Rajveer says nothing is a higher priority than Seher at the present time. I guaranteed her I won’t ever.. Cruel says you guaranteed me too. Rajveer says yes I did. That is the reason I came here to converse with you. Try not to drive me satisfy it. I’m breaking.. Cruel says don’t say that. I beseech you. How about you get it? He says Seher is my obligation.

she says I am not your obligation? For that young lady you will converse with me like this? I was alive in view of that guarantee. You guaranteed me you will give me my Sonu. Rajveer says I was a child. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what a guarantee is and its significant. I saw tears in your eyes. Cruel says what regarding the guarantee you made yesterday? Rajveer says I was terrified. I heard the child crying. Cruel says I have been hearing his cries for eternity. Unexpectedly you’ve grown up. Rajveer says a couple choose things together. I told Seher I will not do it. Brutal says I will converse with her and get this kid from her.

Scene closes.

Precap: Dida says to Seher, my Sonu actually comes in my fantasies. A mother is asking to you to give her kid back to her.


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