Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer seems for Seher. His foot bleeds. Rajveer sees her. He says Seher? She says you lied. You stated you’ll now no longer permit whatever manifest to me. I notion so long as you’re with me, not anything could manifest. He says I am right here for you. Seher says it’s too late. I gone. Rajveer screams Seher. He’s at the bed. The medical doctors attempt to prevent him. Rajveer says I want to visit Seher.

Seher is being treated. Karan and Kulwant ask all people how is she? Kulwant says please inform me how is my Seher. They ask Gaitri. Gaitri says there’s an excessive amount of blood loss. We are looking to keep her. We couldn’t keep her child. Kulwant cries. Param and Karan hug every different and cry. Kulwant says please keep our Seher. She says we are attempting our best. Rajveer comes there bleeding feet. Kulwant says due to you Seher is on this condition. Karan and Param recollect the entirety. They hold close his collar. Param says all of this befell due to you people. You harm her a lot we needed to ship her the trip. Rajveer says Seher.. Karan stosp him and says aren’t you performed after hurting her a lot. Kulwant attempts to calm them down. Param says you can’t pass there. He punches Rajveer. Rajveer falls at the floor. Param and Karan hit him. Param says you can’t visit him. Rajveer continues looking to visit him. they hit him. Rajveer is in ache however he attempts to move slowly to Seher. Param says you’ll pay for what you did.

Rema comes and says prevent it. What are you doing? He stored Seher. When she fainted, he stored her from Ajmal and taken her out. They prevent. The medical doctor says include us, we want to signal a few papers. Kulwant cries. Rajveer receives up and appears at Seher. He says Seher I am right here. Harshdeep comes there and says Seher.. Rajveer stops her. Harshdeep says you’re so injured. Someone name the medical doctor. Your dida is right here. Rajveer says we don’t want you right here. Please go away. Harshdeep says I can do whatever for you and Seher. He says you haven’t any proper and relation with us. Please leaves Mrs. Harshdeep Kaur Babbar. she says Raj? He says please go away. Harshdeep seems at Kulwant in anger. She says you took my lifestyles, my brother from me. I will take the entirety from you.

Scene 2
The medical doctors say there’s an excessive amount of loss. We ought to do something. Rajveer says I want to be with you Seher. The medical doctor says to Rajveer you want to include us. They get dressed his wound status there. Rajveer recollects his moments with Seher. Kulwant stands up. She prays please keep my daughter baba ji. What did she do to you. She is a pious girl. Please keep her. You took my Meher and now Seher. Please keep Seher. The children pray for Seher. Omkar says she stored us, how will you kill her God. Kitu says God you took our parents, please don’t take our Seher now. Rama prays for Seher. Gaitri says we want blood. Rajveer says we are able to donate. Gaitri says you can’t donate. Param says our blood organization is same. Take mine.

The police come there to take Rajveer. They say you need to include us. rajveer says shoot me however I won’t come. My wife’s lifestyles is in danger. The medical doctor says you can’t take him. He’s injured. Inspector says he can relaxation withinside the jail. The children say we won’t allow you to take Rajveer. Rema says Seher stored us, and he stored Seher. For her lifestyles, please permit her live right here. The children say we won’t allow you to take him. The inspector says he’s coming with us. Everyone stands in the front of Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap-Gaitri offers Seher ultimate shocks. Seher doesn’t get up. Rajveer is available in and says Seher you’re my lifestyles. You can’t go away me. Gaitri says Rajveer Seher is gone. Rajveer screams no.


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