Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Harshdeep says we failed to remember this day. You were occupied in your life and I was occupied in work. Be that as it may, on this day my Sonu left us. Do you remmeber him? Rajveer cried and saying where did Sonu go? Rajveer says I remember everything. Harshdeep says you failed to remember everything. Rajveer says I rememeber everything. It wasn’t Sonu’s issue. Harhsdeep says Sonu needed to live. I was attempting to save you. I needed to save possibly you or Sonu. I saved you my sibling, my life.

Seher gets back home and searches for Rajveer. Rajveer says I remember everything. She says with the exception of that guarantee that you made to me and Sonu. Recall it? Rajveer said that he would give his first kid to her. Harshdeep says you failed to remember your guarantee and that day. Swear on Sonu. Advise me in the event that you will satisfy your guarantee. Seher is coming higher up. Guarantee me that you will bring Sonu back. I implore you. Harshdeep says say something. Wouldn’t you be able to do that for me? Will you bring my Sonu back? I implore you. Harshdeep says don’t do this Dida. Harhsdeep says I can do anything for my Sonu. You guaranteed me that you will give me your first kid. Rajveer says all that will be the manner in which you need.

Seher comes in. Seher says Rajveer would you say you are alright? Nikhil said you were acting peculiar in the workplace. You failed to remember your telephone. She says sorry dida. You both were talking. I ought to go. Brutal says you don’t have to go anyplace. You ought to be essential for this discussion. We were discussing you. I was saying to Rajveer.. Rajveer says I should tell Seher. I trust you comprehend. Harshdeep says obviously. She embraces him. Harshdeep says you are accomplishing such a great deal for me. You can tell Seher. She leaves. Seher says what guarantee would she say she was discussing? What’s going on with this?

Scene 2

Dida’s men clean the blood. Ramila comes there and says for what reason is there paint on the floor? For what reason was Jignesh requesting that you clean quick? The worker says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Ramila asks Harshdeep what is this? Harshdeep says we are cleaning the floor. Ramila says I don’t get you. I realize you quite well. Harshdeep says what have I done? Ramila says I revealed to you everything yet you’re so quiet. You are not really honest. What’s your arrangement?

Seher says Rajveer mention to me what’s going on here? Rajveer says that.. Seher says what guarantee would she say she was discussing? Rajveer says dida needs us to go on special night. She says you’re so anxious on something seemingly insignificant? Unwind. Mausa ji is additionally attempting to send us to better places. I revealed to them our visas are left. On the off chance that they power excessively, we will proceed to have a great time. Seher says would you say you are crying? He says I got passionate. You address things so without any problem. Where would i be able to discover a companion like you? Seher says I took in it from you. You’re a genuine man of honor. I have confided in you solely after Kunal. With you I am free and safe.

Harshdeep snickers and says Mausi ji you showed me governmental issues. You showed me we ought to do things that your shadow can’t see. You watch out for Seher. We should be a group. Bobby comes and says didi ji need signs on these. Ramila says I know your standard. Work closes and the individual finishes. I could never make a group with you.

Scene 3

Param calls Seher and asks is Rajveer alright? She says yes he’s alright. He was home. Param says fare thee well. Param says say thanks to God they’re fine. I can invest energy with Anurita now.

Rajveer cleans up. He reviews the guarantee. He reviews Seher saying she confides in him. What’s more, Harshdeep saying you will bring sonu back. Rajveer cleans up and says how would I advise this to Seher? For what reason did I make a guarantee that I can’t satisfy. His youth says you need to satisfy your guarantee Raj. Nobody was a higher priority than dida right? She abandoned her youngster for you. She saved you and lost Sonu. However she continued adoring you. Rajveer says yet how would I converse with Seher about this? She doesn’t cherish me. She confides in me. How might I put this squeeze on her. His youth says how is that dida’s shortcoming? She kept quiet. She never requested anything. Rajveer says I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. I can’t make’s dida extremely upset or Seher’s trust. His youth says guarantees are made to be kept and you have changed. Rajveer cries and says I didn’t lie. I haven’t failed to remember anything.

Seher says Rajveer have you rested in the washroom? He says nothing. Seher says what took you such a long time? He says I was thinking. Where to go for wedding trip. Seher says Kunal and I arranged our wedding trip in Australia. She stops and cries. Rajveer says don’t cry. seher says for what reason did Kunal do this to me? We were together for quite a long time. We saw dreams together. I don’t figure I will actually want to fail to remember him and love another person. Family, spouse, kids, I can’t ponder this.

Scene closes.

Precap-Harshdeep asks Rajveer did you address Seher? Rajveer says it’s sucha no joking matter. Harshdeep says then I will advise him. He says please.. She says you have just 24 hours. Rajveer says to Seher dida needs us to give her our first youngster.


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