Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Seher says they don’t have a clue about our arrangement. They anticipate that we should give them an uplifting news. I felt so abnormal with that subject. You? He says simply disregard it. Seher says they will feel so hurt that this wedding was phony. They will be heart broken. Rajveer says I will not allow anything to make’s dida extremely upset. I will tackle it. Relax. You are returning home. We will feel great when we return home.

Seher gets back home. Param and Karan says shock. They show her model of her extraordinary children school. Param says this was your fantasy right? Karan says we named it after mother father. Badi bi says they have worked day and night on this task. Seher embraces them and says thank you all. Param says the school will begin in a couple of days. Anurita says there’s another prize. Seher this is intended for you. Seher says what is this? She says your and Rajveer’s wedding trip bundle. We offer it to every one of our customers. Karan says astounding. Param says Raj and you ought to go. Param says take it Seher. Karan says all alright? Seher says I would prefer not to go anyplace. Anurita says all well? She says I feel frail. much obliged for this sweet signal. Where is Tricky?

Scene 2

Rajveer meets Nikhil. Nikhil says you should go on special night. For what reason are you busy working. Rajveer says they all continue making us off-kilter by saying when are we giving an uplifting news? Nikhil says when will you push forward from companions thing? Rajveer says we are dearest companion. Nikhil says you both live in a similar room, on a similar bed. Take your change. Rajveer says Nikhil don’t set out to cross your cutoff. Try not to try to say a word regarding Seher. Nikhil says I am heartbroken. Rajveer says where is the document? He leaves.

Badi bi says Seher I realize you wedded Rajveer for your siblings. Yet, one day your fellowship will change over in adoration. You’re content with him right? Seher says all is great. Rajveer keeps me glad.

Scene 3

Rajveer works in the workplace. He searches for the documents. Rajveer ascends the stepping stool and gets a fit of anxiety since he has acrophobia. He sees photograph of Harsh’s significant other and reviews how he used to make him remain on statures and he would shout in dread. Rajveer reviews him beating him and Harsh. Rajveer frenzies and shouts. He reviews when Harshdeep tumbled from the steps. He shouts dida.. Rajveer cries.

Nikhil comes. Rajveer says who kept this document here? Nikhil says these are dida’s old records. For what reason would you say you are stressed? Would it be a good idea for me to call dida? Rajveer says no I am fine. Try not to say anything to dida. Rajveer reviews that day. RAjveer says see who’s inside? That photograph is inside. Nikhila says nothing is there. See. Rajveer alarms. Rajveer says his photograph was here. Nikhil says there is not all that much.

Scene 4

Interesting says glass broke. It’s misfortune. Param says don’t say that. Seher is stressed. She says I trust Rajveer is fine. He said he will pick me. Seher calls Rajveer. Nikhil picks and says it’s me. Rajveer got back home? He said he’s returning home. Seher says he was in office. how would you have his telephone? Nikhil says I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred. He has a fit of anxiety. HE was truly stressed. I’m concerned for him. Then, at that point, he returned home.

Rajveer is coming. A lady says sir kindly assistance me. My child has passed on. Rajveer freezes more. Rajveer gets back home and hears a kid crying. He says dida where right? He shouts. He rests blood. Rajveer says where is this blood coming from. He reviews when Harshdeep drained after she fell. It was under his shoe. Rajveer shouts.

Seher says to the driver wouldn’t we be able to go from an alternate way? He says the traffic is jam. Seher says I am strolling from here. A man comes to Rajveer. He shouts and says dida jeju is coming to hit me. Dida kindly save me. Rajveer locks himself. Unforgiving says Raj what was the deal? Rajveer says jeju is coming to hit me. I see him all over the place. I see sonu and kid crying. I will go off the deep end. If it’s not too much trouble, save me. Harsh grins and reviews she arranged this with Nikhil. They put that photograph there. Rajveer says take me to a specialist. She says stay here. I’m here with you. I can’t accept you’re hearing a kid. So am I. I likewise saw Sonu and your jeju in my fantasy. Sonu was asking when am I bringing him back. In any case, it was a fantasy. Yet, that blood? Just I saw blood and no other person. I know why. 16 January.. that evening. Sonu left me. She cries.

Scene closes.

Precap-Harshdeep says Rajveer I beseech you carry my Sonu to me. You guaranteed me you will give me your first kid. Seher comes in. She’s stunned. Rajveer says all that will resemble you need.


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