Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harshdeep says why is it taking so long? The officer says leader has requested now no longer to permit Masood out. HArshdeep says so he’ll threat such a lot of lives for that one person? He says that guy is a threat, he can kill plenty of humans if he’s out. Harshdeep saysc all of the PMO. HArhsdeep says I am doing this for my Sonu now no longer you Seher.

Seher is concerned for Kulwant. Ajmal says no person will cross close to the washroom. Seher is concerned for Kulwant. She asks the air hostess to test her. Malani (air hostess) tests and says madam please get up. Ajmal goes there. Seher receives up. Asser says to Sinha don’t waste time or many lives could be wasted. With each minute the risk is increasing. Ajmal asks the air hostess to get out. She offers a thumbs as much as Seher.

Scene 2
Param and Karan are concerned. they ask the officer to allow them to in. The officer says live in the back of this line or you could get arrested. Ajmal says are you all bored? Let me entertain you all. He asks Seher to dance. Seher sings mere sapno ki rani. Ajmal says you all would possibly die. Everyone screams.

Harshdeep says inform them we are able to’t set up a hundred crore proper away. I am giving a hundred crore myself until we set up the rest. For that they’ve to launch five humans. Those five humans could be..

Kulwant opens her eyes. She sees her hand included with tissue paper to prevent her wound. Captain says manipulate tower called. They need to talk. Harshdeep’s guys provide the money. They study a chit, in case you need Masood, go away those five humans first. Seher Kaur Babbar, Gurmeet, Devika, Ajankar, Jayesh.

Scene 3
Daar ji takes Rajveer out withinside the meals trolly. Rajveer is hidden below it.

Asser says we won’t go away Seher. She’s the maximum beneficial for us. He throws the chit. Seher says Rema drink water. You’re fainting. Asser calls and says Seher is CM’s DIL. She’s our ace card. We won’t go away her till we get the whole amount, gas and Masood. Sinha says in case you don’t agree we won’t go away Masood. Asser says then look ahead to the subsequent gifts.

The offier asks Daarji if he’s visible his clothes. Inspector publicizes Rajveer ran. Ajmal says time for any other death. Ajmal says permit’s kill a kid. Seher stands in the front of them and says you could’t kill a child. Shabana’s husband says have God’s fear. How are you able to contact the kids. They drag him. Shabana screams go away him please. The drag the vintage guy to the toilet. Ajmal says ship him to inform. Shabana cries and says please keep my husband. Asser shoots him. Shabana screams. Seher cries. She faints. Shabana faints. The vintage guy says I am now no longer useless Shabana. It touched me handiest. We must cross on honeymoon. I am coming to you. Seher says auntyji he’s fine. Shabana has died. Seher says aunty ji.. he’s fine. Please get up. The man tests her and says she’s no more. Seher cries. The vintage guy cries too. Seher screams. Ajmal asks them to head again to their seats. Seher cries.

Rema says to her infant don’t fear I won’t permit some thing show up to you.

Scene 4
The officer asks Daar ji if he’s visible Rajveer. He says no. The officer says what’s on this trolly? Someone calls him. Daar ji takes Rajveer toward the gate.

PM calls Harshdeep. She says I am attempting my best. He says cope with this example and media too. Harshdeep says in coronary heart I handiest care approximately my Sonu. Ajmal laughs and says we are able to upload a few bullets to her frame and ship it. They won’t understand she died of fear. Seher involves him. He says cross again. Seher says how vintage is your mom? Are you an animal? He says I hate the phrase mom. Who leaves his kids. Sehr says which means you’ve by no means visible a mom. A mom can by no means her kids. He says cross again earlier than I kill you.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher snatches the gun and says positioned your weapons down or I will shoot you all. Kulwant and anyone begin hitting the goons.


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