Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 22th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher sees Nimi being taken to the basement. She says to the warden visit OT. There is an emergency. He rushes there. seher attempts to awaken Nimi. Seher says get up. I will cope with everything. Everything can be fine. She factors on the door. Rajveer calls Seher however her telecellsmartphone turns off. Seher receives withinside the room. There are many pregnant girls there. They ask who’re you? Seher says you’re all being compelled right? The girl says they’re risky right? They will hit you. They will pressure you too. Just do what they say. See they hit Nimi and all of us. Seher sees their numbers at the board. Seher says for cash he’s doing all this. This is worst than jail. Why are you being compelled to do this? They all inform her their households compelled them to do this.

Nimi receives up. Seher choices her. Nimi says my own circle of relatives compelled me to do this. When Sukhi and I stated no, our dad and mom smash us. We don’t even understand what they do to the babies. Seher says sufficient. You all have suffered sufficient. But now no longer anymore. Nimi says you don’t understand Sartaj. He will kill us. Seher says not anything is more potent than a mom. You will all combat for the kid you gave delivery to. You will deliver them withinside the global and they’re your babies. We can’t run on different people’s orders.

Scene 2
The 2d spherical starts. It’s to tie a turban. Param and Jassi tie the turban. Karan says Veer ji come one. Param does ties it on Karan’s head.

Scene three
The girls pay attention a person coming. Sartaj comes there. They are all scared. A woman says please cross. He will kill us. Seher says I need you all to concentrate to me. You aren’t weak. You can combat this together. The most powerful on this global are mothers. When a toddler is in hassle handiest a mom can shop him. A mom can turn out to be durga. It’s time to stop Sartaj’s game.

Sartaj enters the room. All girls are status. He says what’s wrong? Why are you status here? Who is 124? It’s her transport tomorrow. A girl says it’s me. Another says it’s me.. All say we’re 124. Sartaj is confused. Sartaj says what drama is this? Who’s the actual 124? Nimi says it’s me. He says you purchased sufficient courage? Let me educate you a lesson. Who is 124 number? I will see for myself. The girls don’t allow him cross out. They tear their files. Seher comes out.

Scene 4
Jassi wins spherical 2. Parma says simply consider Seher’s face Karan. When she sees the paranda. Round three starts. It’s tug of war. Karan and Param do their best. They examine the paranda and the way Seher usedot love them. Param and Karan win the spherical and the paranda. Jassi attempts to take it. Param holds his hand. Jassi says you wont’get it. Param says you stated the winner gets it. Jassi says you won’t. Karan says you can’t be unfair. Param says how dare you. jassi says don’t threaten me in my village. A guy says Jassi that is wrong. The winner have to get it. he says however chachay.. The vintage guy says they may get it. He asks Param’s name. Param says Param and Karan Gill. They ask do you already know Sarab Gill? Param says we’re his sons. The guy says Gil”s sons? He says to Jassi they’re Sardar Sarabjit Gill’s sons. He has executed a lot for Punjab. Jaasi says sorry brothers. He offers them the parandi and says deliver it on your sister and this brother’s love.

Seher slaps Sartaj. Seher hits him with a rod. All girls say hit him extra Seher.. They all hit him. Sartaj says stop. Women preserve hitting him.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher receives Sartaj arrested. She says there’s a surrogacy racket taking place on this hospital. A truck involves kill them girls. Seher stands in the front of them.


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