Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 22th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The hijacker receives Seher from returned and they are attempting to grab her gun.The hijacker receives Seher from returned and they are attempting to grab her gun. The children and anybody is scared for Seher. They take her gun. The hijacker says simplest we will spare you from death. Sit silently now. Ajmal places a gun on Seher and says I will kill you. Asser says calm down. She is our card. Until they don’t receive our demands, we will’t kill anyone. Ajmal says you stated we will kill on. Asser says now no longer Seher. Ajmal choices Aman. Asser says you need to visit Dubai right? What if I ship you to a higher place? Aman says where? Asser says heaven. Seher is scared for him. Ajmal shoots him. Seher screams. Everyone is scared. Aman falls down. Seher cries. She recollects promising his mother that she can be able to cope with him. Seher recollects he stated his flight is from Dehli to Dubai. And he’s going there to make cash to get his mother treated. Seher screams and cries. Seher says Aman.. Please open your eyes. A guy says we are able to die one via way of means of one. Kulwant is withinside the washroom. She says who shot. Don’t damage my Seher. Open the door.

Seher attempts to stand. Rema says please don’t go. They can kill you too. Seher says I can’t see right here and spot them being animals like this. The lady says this all is occurring due to Seher. She’s VVIP and CM’s DIL. We will all die due to her. The singer says sure it’s occurring due to her. Another man says you’re accountable for Aman’s death. Everyone begins offevolved talking towards her. Seher says you have become wrong. A lady says we are able to die. You’re CM’s DIL. Asser says close up.

Shabana’s husband says due to human beings such as you anybody receives defamed. what face will you display to the God? Ajmal says close up. Asser says allow him speak. He says I am a God fearing guy. I am now no longer frightened of you animals. Ajmal syas how dare you.. Seher attempts to stand. Ajmal hits his head with gun. He faints. His head bleeds. Seher cries. Omkar says I need to move home. Seher hugs him. Rema says I am suffocating.

Scene 2
Daar tells inspector Rajveer ate something. His mouth is foaming. He will die.

The captain says we’re close to touchdown Dehli. Asser asks his guys to take anybody’s telephones. They seize telephones from anybody. Seher hides one in every of her telephones and offers the other. Seher assessments her phone.

Inspector assessments Rajveer and says get up. Rajveer opens eyes. He hits the inspector, The inspector attempts to hit him returned. RAjveer hits him and says that is for all of the harmless prisoner you’ve got got overwhelmed for no reason. He says I am coming Seher. The aircraft lands at th Dehli.

Scene 3
Harshdeep is on top of things office. She says take a look at everything. The aircraft is ready to land. There ought to be no mistake. Ambulances and police collect on the runway. Asser says to the captain name your authority. Captain calls the manage tower. Asser asks who am I speakme to? Officer says Officer Sinha. Asser says are you okay? Sinha says what do you need? He says we’re on your city. Accept our gift. They kick Aman out of the aircraft. Seher cries. Harshdeep and anybody see him. They scream. The hijackers lock the aircraft. Ambulances take Aman. Seher prays for him. Asser says do you want out gift? If you didn’t, we will ship more. Harshdeep says no please. Sinha says what do you need? Asser says take out a pen and paper. Get the gasoline refilled sufficient to take his aircraft to Afghanistan. We need one thousand crore. We have any other demand. Our brother Zaheer Masood is on your jail. We need him to be free. If you don’t try this in four hours, you may get any other gift.

Harshdeep says you won’t kill anyone. Asser says madam CM, I knew you’ll be right here. We have your DIL. If you don’t satisfy our demands, the subsequent frame could be your DIL Seher’s. If we see police or military at the runway, you may get all of the human beings as useless bodies. Harshdeep says to Sinha do what they stated. Sinha says we will’t be hasty. Harshdeep says such a lot of human beings’s lives are in danger. Sinha says so is hijackers’. Let our negotiators speak to them.

Scene four
Param and Karan come to the airpot. Param says our sister, nani and children are withinside the place. The officer says allow us to do our job. Karan says allow us to going in. How are you doing all your job? People protest towards the police. Param and Karan cry.

Rema says Seher they may kill us like Aman. Seher says don’t worry please. Have faith, not anything could manifest to you and your baby. Recall your love on your husband. You can be with him soon. Make meals for him. Kulawnt breaks the reflect together along with her elbow. She opens the door. Her fingers bleeds. Kulwant faints. Seher says to Asser this woman isn’t well. The children want water too. They’re fainting. That vintage uncle aunty too. They want water. Asser says you may simplest get water for children and vintage human beings.

Kulwant ties her hand and says Seher don’t worry. Your nani is coming. Seher offers water to children and elderly. Kulwant attempts to open the door. Seher cleans vintage uncle’s wound. She offers them water. Other human beings push Seher away. A lady says don’t try this drama. Aren’t your carried out upon getting Aman killed? Seher recollects his death.

Episode ends.

Precap-The kidnappers shoot the vintage guy. Shaban faints. She dies as well. Seher screams and cries. Seher says to Ajmal you’re an animal. He places gun on her head.


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