Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 22th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asser placed gun on Kulwant Seher says please permit my nani pass. Kulwant stands in the front fo Seher and says I am now no longer afraid of your gun. Seher says nani please take a seat down in your seat. Rema’s situation receives worse. Seher says permit me see her please. She’s now no longer well. We will all be calm and do as you say. He says pass there. Seher offers Rema water. Kulwant hugs the kids. The hijackers brings passengers from first elegance lower back too. The hijacker asks captain to open the door. He says I will shoot her. Open it. They attempt to tell the manage room however they can’t. The hijacker says do as I say.

The man says my mother will die. She’s now no longer well. She will die. I should get her treated, for that I want to visit Dubai. Asser hits him. Seher says please depart him. Please don’t hit him. Rema cries. A hijacker’s gun falls. Seher attempts to pickit. Asser places boot on her hand. He says get lower back on your seat. Seher says I fell. Seher drags the gun below the seat. The hijacker says we can visit Afghanistan. The captain says there isn’t sufficient fuel. We should visit Dehli airport. Ajmal says do as I say. Asser says what happened? Ajmal says he’s pronouncing there’s now no longer sufficient fuel. They should land at Dehli fuel. Asser says ok land there and get the fuel. we can speak to the authorities there. The captain informs lower back workplace that region is hijacked.

Scene 2
Harshdeep sees the news. She’s shocked. Gaitri calls Harshdeep and says please shop Seher. She is pregnant. Harshdeep is shocked. Harshdeep says my Sonu is withinside the flight. I should shop him. She calls all her contacts. Param and Karan get involved. They depart for Dehli.

Omkar cries and says nani can we die? Seher says no. Have faith. Rema cries. Seher misses Rajveeer. Asser hits a person and says why did you select out your bag? He says I changed into taking my medicine. Asseer says absolutely everyone who actions could be shot. Aman says I must request them to permit me out at Dehli. Seher says don’t speak to them. They won’t understand. He says I should visit Dubai. My mother desires to get treated. Asser says absolutely everyone who doesn’t pay attention to us could be shot.

A hijacker asks Shabana to get up. Her husband cries and says please depart her. They hit extraordinary people. Ajmal says to Aman need to visit dubai? If your authorities does the whole lot we ask for, you could visit dubai. Come with us. Seher is scared for Aman.

Scene 3
Rajveer is involved for Seher. He sees the news. Daar ji attempts to calm him down. Rajveer hears the news. The hijackers take Kulwant to cockpit. Seher says depart my nani. They shoves Asser. Kulwant says please kill me however permit my daughter pass. Seher says depart my nani. I will cooperate with you. Please permit my nani pass. They lock her in washroom. Ajaml slaps Omkar. Seher factors the gum at him and says how dare you. Everyone is shocked. Seher asks Ajmal to position the gun down. she says I will shoot. Seher says Omkar get up. Kulwant says I will kill you all if something takes place to my daughter. Seher says I won’t can help you damage absolutely everyone. Ajmal and Asser placed their gun down. Seher says I will guard those people. You can’t damage them. Stand on a side. One hijacker comes from Seher’s lower back and is ready to shoot her.

Episode ends.

Precap-Asser says to Aman you need to visit Dubai? Let us ship you to heaven. They shoot him. Seher screams and cries. Asser says to the authorities in case you don’t satisfy our demands, subsequent loss of life woulf be Seher’s.


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