Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 21th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The goon stops Seher and says cross and do your obligation. He says to the receptionist we can inform her in weeks what takes place right here. Seher is going closer to maternity warn. Another nurse stops her and says you can’t cross there. You’ve obligation in wellknown ward. Seher says how will I get in? The inspector calls his constables and asks approximately Seher. They say she has long gone out for work.

Seher attempts to sneak into maternity however it’s locked. Someone opens it and Seher sneaks in. Sartaj says to Gurvinder Seher will come right here for certain. He says we won’t go away her alive. That white couple is right here, they’re watching for you. Sartaj says let’s cross there. Seher says Nimi I will discover you.

Nimi seems at maternity ward and cries. There are many infants inside. Seher seems on the infants. Seher seems on the tags on infants. She reaclls Nimi stated she doesn’t need to live. Seher seems at a toddler. The toddler holds her hand. Someone comes in. Seher hides. Sartaj suggests the middle to a white couple. Seher hides below the bed. Sartaj says welcome to India. all of your issues could be solved. You got here to the proper vicinity. THis is the first-rate vicinity for surrogacy in India and the charge may be very cheap. A female named Nimi gave delivery to a Canadian couple’s toddler. They are sturdy ladies and they create the toddler well. They don’t ask for lots cash. Sign the papers and get the toddler in nine months. Seher says this indicates Sartaj is jogging a surrogacy racket. They signal the documents. Sartaj shakes hand with them. His buddy calls him. Seher sneaks out. She says he’s going to take Nimi’s child. I ought to discover her. Seher collides with Gurvinder. Sartaj sees her too. He says you..

Scene 2
Param and Karan experience meals withinside the village. They see a person promoting parandas. Param and Karan remember how she continually awnted it. a person holds it earlier than Param. He says I picked it first. Karan says that is for our sister, Get every other one. Karran says to the shopkeeper we can pay higher. The man says don’t purchase matters with cash right here. Fight for them. You need this paranda? Come to the round. There may be 3 rounds, the only who wins receives it. Param says what are the rounds? He says appearance there. The group that eats greater pinnis will win.

Scene 3
Seher attempts to run, Sarataj and his goons run after her. Seher falls. She hides below a bed. Sartaj seems for her. Sartaj is set to see. Gurvinder says a person become runnning close to the lift. They rush there.

Param and Karan begin the pinni ingesting competition. Jassi and his brother eats quicker than them. They say see now our understand village bys? Karan eats in speed. They consider Seher.

The nurse says convey that new female one hundred fifty to the basement. Seher says that wide variety become on Nimi’s record. The nurse says Did you are making her unconscious? Seher hears it. She follows them. Seher attempts to name Badi bi and tells her everything. She says there’s a surrgoacy racket right here. Nimi and Sukhi’s mother and father pressured them into it. I don’t understand what’s occurring right here. I am certain Sartaj paid their mother and father well. Badi bi says did you meet Nimi? Seher says they fainted her and took her to the basement. I am going after her. Badi bi says it’s dangerous. Don’t cross there alone. I will name Rajveer. Seher says don’t inform anyone. I can take care of this. Badi bi says name the police. Seher says I will. Badi bi is concerned for Seher. Seher runs after Nimi. They take her to the elevator. Seher takes the stairs. Seher attempts to name the inspector. Nimi taken for the operation.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher says to Nimi why are you being pressured into it? Nimi says please cross from right here. They are very dangerous. Seher says I will display him who I am. The girls cross towards Sartaj. Seher hits Sartaj.


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