Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The man says who’re you to impeach us? People say who’s she to speak in our non-public matters? Seher says to inspector Nimi turned into seeking to kill herself. She spoke to Sukhi. They have been tensed. I even have to speak to Nimi in any other case she can be able to additionally do what Sukhi did. Something risky goes on here. A guy says Nimi won’t meet anyone. Who are you to impeach us? Inspector says madam ji spend your vacation and leave. People are becoming angry. all of the villagers are together. We can’t do anything. Seher says don’t inform dida or rajveer approximately my bruise. He says I will ship constables out of doors your farm house. They leave.

Scene 2
Seher is concerned approximately what Sukhi’s mother said. She says the ones pigmentation have been from a pregnant woman. Sukhi had the ones. Sukhi turned into pregnant. Nimi and Sukhi’s tale is the same. Seher calls Rajveer. She says sorry I turned into a bit busy. She says you despatched SP to attend to me? He says yes. You want to be safe. Rajveer says you omit me right? Seher says no. But come fast. Rajveer says I will attempt my best. Seher says I am so sorry Rajveer I am leaving with out telling you however I realize you won’t permit me do this. I will give an explanation for the entirety and ask for forgiveness whilst we meet. But for now, I must discover the reality.

Scene 3
Seher comes out of doors. She says the entirety may be located after I were given to Nimi’s area. The man stops her. He follows Seher together along with his knife. Seher runs toward the house. The guy runs after her. He attempts to stab her. Seher holds his hand.

Seher fights with the man. He attempts to stab her. Seher fights again. He shoves Seher and springs close to her to stab her. Seher shoves him. She grabs the knife. She sees the man’s face. It turned into the man who took Sukhi’s mother. Seher says so that you are in the back of all this? Why Nimi attempted to kill herself? Why Sukhi died? Tell me. He shoves Seher. He runs away. Seher says I am positive he’s now no longer alone. There are many human beings with him. Only Nimi can assist me now. I will discover the reality if I visit her area.

Seher involves Nimi’s area and appears for her. Seher sees papers. She opens them. Seher says those are Nimi’s scientific records. Seher exams them. It’s a being pregnant check and she’s positive. Seher says which means I turned into right. Nimi turned into pregnant? She takes the reviews. Seher says wherein is she if she’s now no longer home? Seher sneaks out. Her father is coming in. Seher hides. Her mother says who’s there? She shuts the door. Seher sneaks out.

Scene 4
Badi bi says what are you doing there Seher if Rajveer is here? Seher tells her how she stored Nimi. She says some thing is incorrect on this village. Badi bi says come again please. It seems so risky. Seher says don’t fear approximately me. I located her scientific records. It suggests she’s pregnant. I get all of it now. Badi bi says you went there for vacation. What are you caught in? Let me inform Rajveer. Seher says you won’t inform anyone.

Sartaj hits his mand and says to procure hit with the aid of using a female? Shame on you. I will kill that Seher. Seher says this reviews says she added 2 weeks ago. Now I realize why she.. She couldn’t choose the weight. Seher says however they have been each pregnant. Where are the kids? These reviews are of Sartaj’s medical institution. He has some thing associated with all of this. Badi bi says who’s that? Seher says that pal of Rajveer. Badi bi says I am certainly concerned for you. Rajveer isn’t there either. Seher says God is with me. Seher says I even have visible Sukhi’s mother crying. Nimi crying. She doesn’t have her child. I realize their pain. I can’t tolerate it. If I have been a mother, I could combat the complete world. I don’t realize wherein Nimi’s dad and mom despatched her. I wish she’s safe.

Nimi is on the medical institution together along with her child. A female says they’re coming to take the child. hurr up. Badi bi says I am certainly concerned for you. Seher says mama could need me to store them. Badi bi says that’s right. Meher could danger her lifestyles to store others. She stored my lifestyles too and revered me so much. That’s why once they exceeded away, I got here to each of you. Badi bi says you’re a lioness. Get them justice. Save them. Seher says I am going to Sartaj’s medical institution to discover Nimi and Sukhi’s reality.

Scene 5
Seher involves the medical institution as a nurse. She says to the opposite nurse I am Sarika. I need a nurse’s process here. Where did my record move? I submitted it twice. I even have an appointment. It turned into my spherical today. If you don’t permit me move I will inform Sartaj sir. She says no no don’t inform him. You can move for your spherical withinside the maternity ward. Sartaj’s guy stops Seher. He says you.. Seher stops.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher runs. Sartaj says prevent her. She have to run out. They surround Seher.


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