Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher sees a person Sartaj and recollects the marriage in Canada. The man says what are you doing right here? She says it’s my village. My husband and mine. He says you ruined my sisters wedding ceremony and now you’re right here. Once I see Rajveer I will.. seher says don’t say a phrase approximately me. He says due to you and Rajveer my dad kicked me out. Seher says we did the proper element with you. If you do anything.. he says you probably did what you probably did in Canada. Here in case you pass in opposition to me I’ll reduce you all. Seher says I will prevent what’s wrong. Sartaj says live on your limit. Seher says my regulations are nevertheless the identical.

Seher sees Nimi running, seher runs after her. Seher says I recognise you’re worried. Sukhi become your friend. I recognise you each had identical motive to strive suicide. Please inform me so I can assist you. Nimi says there’s an excessive amount of chance there. They are animals. Seher says you may inform me. Before it receives late. Rajveer need to be coming. What chance had been you speaking approximately? Who’s answerable for sukhi’s death. Sartaj begins offevolved a bulldozer and runs it over the residence. Nimi says they’ll kill us. The residence begins offevolved breaking. Nimi and Seher are scared. A rod falls on Seher’s foot. He had head receives injured too. Seher falls and faints. Bricks fall on her head. Nimi screams. The crane maintains coming in. Nimi screams for assist.

The bulldozer is coming toward Seher. Seher receives up. Nimi selections her and takes her out.

Scene 2
Nimi rushes seher to hospital. Sartaj is there. He says if I depart her alive she can be able to locate everything. You will exit dead. He says I recognise you need to shop Nimi however you may’t. No you can still come among me and my work. You will even die. He is set to present Seher an injection. Inspector comes there.. he says is that Seher? CM’s DIL? He selections the injection. Sartaj takes it.

Seher opens her eyes and sees Sartaj. He says don’t fear we’re treating you. Just relax, wherein is rajveer? Inspector says Rajveer requested us to attend to you, he’s been attempting to name you. How did this happen? Seher says some thing risky goes on on this collage. I need to speak approximately it alone.

Scene 3
Seher tells inspector how the bulldozer attempted to kill them whilst Nimi become telling the truth. Shee tells him how she stored nimi after which sukhi died.

Sartaj asks his guys to hold a watch on seher.
Seher meets sukhi’s mother and asks why did sukhi kill herself? She says I don’t recognise. Seher says dud she study? She says until 5. Seher asks whilst did she get married and feature her baby? The female says are you crazy? Sukhi didn’t get married. Then what baby? Sehrr says sukhi become pregnant. Right? She says pass from right here please depart us alone. Seher says they’re hiding some thing. She says to inspector we ought to pass and meet nimi. Only she will be able to answer.

Seher involves Nimi’s vicinity and says wherein is nimi? Her mother says we recognise not anything approximately sukhis death. Please pass from right here. Seher says name Nimi out. I want to speak to her.

Episode ends.

Precap- Seher is going to Nimi’s residence to locate her clinical file. Someone attempts to kill her.


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