Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer doesn’t devour withinside the jail. He hits the wall. Seher prays for Rajveer. Seher comes there and asks Rajveer to devour. He imagines her. Seher cries at home. They don’t forget their moments together.

Kulwant brings meals for Seher. She says I don’t need to devour. Seher says to her toddler your papa isn’t right here due to the fact he’s an amazing guy and I love him. Rajveer says I wish you hate me Seher. I handiest need to peer you glad handiest.

Kulwant says how do I cheer Seher up. She knits sweaters for her. Kulwant says to Gaitri how can we make Seher glad? She says you have to take her farfar from this city. Kulawnt says Seher desired to take the orphan children on a trip. Arrange everything. I may even pass. She will experience better. Kulwant offers Jammu’s price price tag to Seher. She says what? I don’t need to move everywhere. Kulwant says you’re stressing yourself. It will damage the toddler as well. You promised the children yo will take them to the mountains.

Scene 2
Terrorists plan to hijack the aircraft and take it to Afghanistan. Seher has the same opinion to move for the children. Kulwant asks Seher to dye her hair. Seher says I will ship you to salon. Kulwant says no you may dye my hair. Seher says okay. Seher dyes Kulwant’s hair. Seher says wow you appearance so young. If Raj turned into right here.. She receives sad. Kulwant says the wound is fresh.

The terroists say we can’t omit something withinside the plan.

Scene 3
Param and Karan get the orphan children ready. Param says no child will pass everywhere alone. Keep nani and Seher updated. They are on the airport. The children ask in which is Rajveer? Seher says he had work. Kulwant comes there. The children say nani.. She dances with the children. The hijackers also are there. Seher says nani the boarding is starting. Kulwant says those children are making me dance. Param says take care Seher. Karann says allow me get the stuff. Seher forums the flight. The hijacker collides with Karan. His gun falls withinside the bag. He selections it earlier than Karan sees it. They board the flight.

A mother meets her son and says I will omit you a lot. Seher says please don’t cry aunty. She says he says he’ll visit earn to Dubai. Is this aircraft safe? Won’t it pass at once to Dubai? He stated it’ll visit Dubai. Seher says it’s a connecting flight. Don’t worry. The lady says deal with my son. Seher says I will. Don’t worry. The hijackers byskip thru security. They forestall a bag and say whose bag is it? They say not anything is withinside the bag. The hijackers pass at the aircraft.

Kulwant says nobody have to appearance out of the aircraft window. The children chuckle and say aircraft home windows are shut. You can handiest appearance out. Kulwant says allow’s grasp our seats. The female says seats are booked. No it is easy to take them. Seher didi informed us everything. A policeman additionally receives at the aircraft. He offers the hijacker some other bag. It has all of the weapons. Omkar says I need to visit the toilet. Kulwant waits for him outside. Omkar is withinside the toilet.

He sees the hijackers with weapons. He attempts to sneak out. The hijacker says what are you seeing? Get out. Omkar comes out. He says a terrible guy scolded me. Kulwant says allow’s pass in. No one is there. Kulwant says who dared scolding my son. The goons are hidden in a washroom. Kulwant opens door one with the aid of using one. They get their weapons ready. Kulwant is ready to open their door.

Episode ends.


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