Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
People accumulate around. Rajveer attempts to drag Seher. People preserve his rope. Rajveer pulls them up. The female cries and says who’re you people? Why did you hazard your lifestyles for me? Rajveer says I am your brother. Seher says God despatched us to shop you. What’s your name? She says Nimi. Seher says lifestyles is the best blessing and also you have been going to quit it? Rajveer offers her water. Seher says what has took place to you? She cries. Seher says in case your lifestyles in danger? Your husband is threatening you? SHe says I am now no longer married. If I live alive I will ought to do matters I don’t need to. Rajveer says who’s pushing you? Your own circle of relatives? Seher says you don’t want to be scared. We will shield you. RAjveer says I am CM’s brother. Come with us. You could be secure. Some goons are retaining an eye fixed on her.

Scene 2
Anurita reveals out region of the farm house. He asks how did you discover out? She says there’s a person who enables me in thathouse. Karan says thank Anu. Let’s move proper now.

Seher says allow us to speak on your own circle of relatives. All issues might be solved. She says no the ones issues can’t be solve. She cries. Seher says I am with you. Don’t cry. Tell me what’s for your coronary heart. You can remember me your buddy. I will discover a solution. Nimi says occasionally there’s no solution. Only ache and darkness is left. Seher says in coronary heart some thing annoying has took place together along with her. She faints. Seher holds her and says don’t worry. You could be secure in our farm house.

Scene 3
Harsh calls Ramila and says maintain an eye fixed on Param and Karan. Ramila says my guys are at the way. Harsh says why haven’t Seher and RAjveer reached yet? Ramila comes out and sees Seher. She says Seher has come by myself and there’s a person together along with her now no longer Seher. I don’t recognise wherein he is. Harsh says what’s this? She continues developing issues. Harshdeep asks all her guys to leave.

Seher calls Nimi’s own circle of relatives to the farm house. Her mother asks what took place? Seher says what took place? Her mother cries and says what took place? What took place? Why are you doing this? Nimi says don’t come close to me. You all are liable for this. Seher says she desires to live farfar from you. Give her time. She asks maid to take her inside. Nimi’s brother says who’re you are taking her farfar from us? Seher shoves him and says how dare you input the house? You concept I am a female and I may be threatened? Nimi can’t meet anyone. She’s in reality worried. This is my first and closing warning. Don’t attempt to pressure her. Her dad says what’s going to you do? Seher says the whole thing to maintain her farfar from danger. She desires to live farfar from you all. Her dad says how are you going to forestall us? Seher says you all have accomplished some thing terrible to her. She became going to kill herself and we stored her. They are shocked. Her mother faints.

The maid offers Nimi water. Nimi’s brother says we won’t move. Seher says I recognise different approaches too. Her dad says we recognise you’re CM’s DIL however you could’t forestall us. Seher says don’t even try. Her brother says name the police. Seher says I will inform them she attempted to kill herself due to you all. You’ve accomplished some thing too terrible to her. Her mother says no.. Her mother says she’s our daughter. We didn’t do something incorrect. We scolded her. Seher says no person attempts to kill themseleves over scolding. What did you do to her? Her hassle says it’s our private matter. Seher says now no longer anymore. We can’t hazard her lifestyles. You will handiest meet her whilst she desires. HEr dad says please allow us to meet her. Let us speak to her as soon as. She’s our daughter. We will speak to her in the front of you. Her mother says I beg you. Please. She cries and says allow us to speak to her as soon as please. Seher says don’t cry. Let me speak to her. If she is of the same opinion handiest then you could meet her. It could be in the front of me handiest. She will handiest move domestic if she is of the same opinion.

Scene 4
Param and Karan are at the way. Karan says move straigh. A police van stops their car. THe inspector says you’ve hit our car. Can’t you see? Param says you have been coming from incorrect side. The inspector says you may inform us the law? He says arrest them. KAran says we ought to move somewhere. Insepctor says you’re handiest going to the jail. Karan says you have been coming from incorrect way. He says come to the station. They arrest Param and Karan. The inspectors calls Harsh and says it’s accomplished.

Rimmi calls her buddy Sukhi. She says I became going to kill myself however that female Seher stored me. Sukhi says I need to die too. Nimi comes says don’t say that. Our lives are precious. Seher informed me. Our memories are the same. I don’t recognise what to do. Seher says pop out with me. Your own circle of relatives desires to speak to you. I won’t permit something show up to you. I promise.

Nimi’s dad says Nimi you attempted to kill yourself? We scolded you and also you took the sort of large step? Her mother says you’re my lifestyles. Are you k? You’re my wealth. If something took place to you we might be gone. Her dad says if something took place to you we might provide our lives too. You are the motive we live. Her brother says they may be accusing us;. Seher says Nimi don’t come beneathneath any pressure. Her dad says you could punish me however don’t throw it in public. Parents can by no means move in opposition to their kids. Ask this female if her dad and mom might ever damage them. Seher remembers Sarab stated dad and mom are usually there for kids. Her mother says we did it excited about you and our own circle of relatives and now you’re leaving us as well? She cries.

Episode ends.

Precap-Nimi’s mother says in case you love me include us domestic. Nimi is of the same opinion adn says k mummy I am geared up to move. Seher says are you pronouncing this in pressure? Nimi says no I need to move domestic. She leaves. Seher says I want to maintain an eye fixed on them. Nimi’s lifestyles is probably in danger.


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