Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sarab takes param to the auto. He recalls his moments with meher. Meher appears out at remembers her moments with param. She continues praying. Param is disillusioned in the car.

Sarab hugs him. Sarab says cheer up. You’ll have masses of fun. Param reads the notes in chocolate. He reads received’t you omit mama while sleeing? Won’t you leave out mama whilst you play and need a juice? Vehicle stops all of sudden. It’s meher with a police inspector.

Param says is she seeking to stop me. From going? Sarab says i was wondering why are you not stopping param and now you’re right here with police? Meher says police is for you. Inspector says i added her here she didn’t convey me. I referred to as you. She advised me you’ve left.

I desired yo show you a evidence. Malang cliff is a suicide factor so we have many hidden cameras there. We made this video, sarab sees how meher became trying to shop both children but karan’s department broke. Sarab is stunned. Sarab recollects what meher was attempting to say.

He suggests to param and says mama made you dangle on to this stronger department then saved karan. If she didn’t karan would have..

Param says mama became proper. She saved me first then karan. Param hugs meher and says i’m sorry. Please forgive me. I recognize you may in no way do that. I made a big mistake. Please forgive me. Sarab thanks the inspector. He says you’ve finished a first rate favour on me. Param cries and says i like you. Meher says you’re my existence. He says i spoke so rudely to you. Meher says it’s k. I love you.

May want to you live far from your mother? He says by no means. I’ll in no way move faraway from you. Meher says i like you the maximum. Sarab says i’m sorry too. Meher remembers what he said. Meher recalls what he stated. Sarab holds her hand. Meher leaves his hand and goes to her vehicle. Sarab goes after her.

Scene 2
harleen says this house already feels empty.

Daar ji when we got here right here this family became so united. My children might usually have fun collectively. I desired to look them together while leaving. Where is meher? Seher says she’s no longer domestic. Param comes in and says she’s right here. She came returned with

They’re all greatly surprised to see param. Param says i used to be going faraway from mama however i was incorrect. Meher mama loves me the most. No person can love me like she does. Meher hugs her. Param shows the video to every body. He says mama stored me first and then karan. Daar ji says we realize your mama. I by no means doubted her. Param hugs meher. Meher ignores sarab. All youngsters hug her.

Meher takes them to the room. Daar ji says sarab the distinction among truth and lie is that in case you add a piece of lie in truth it will become tainted. 1/2 fact is more risky than lies. It breaks the whole lot. I realize you probably did it as a father however you’ve made a massive mistake via doubting meher.

She’s so disappointed. Go and talk to her. I understand it won’t be smooth. Sarab says i made a sin. I was crazy. I didn’t think meher who risked her lifestyles for me, this circle of relatives and her youngsters.. How may want to she. I’ll do some thing to persuade her.

Scene 3
karan says you don’t love me? Param says she loves you loads. She is same to all of usx i realized while going away from her that we are able to never cross away from her. Karan says i feel the equal. Meher hugs them and says sooner or later my youngsters are sane. Seher says everything can be glad now. Meher recollects what sarab said, she’s disillusioned. Daar ji says you’ve to persuade her. Sarab says what have to i do? Daar ji says something you’ve by no means performed.

Tai ji says i’ve a manner. When i was mad at daar ji he’d sing for me. You should sing for her. Sarab says it isn’t that easy. Harleen says you should relive the old memories along with her. Robbie says exact concept. All of them agree. Sarab says i’ll convince her.

Episode ends.

Precap-sarab kneels all the way down to meher and says i recognise i made a mistake. Please forgive me. Meher tries to go away. He locks the door and says until you’ve forgiven me we’ll stay on this room.


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