Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says nani that is a misunderstanding. My dida can’t do that. Seher says nani this ought to be a misunderstanding. Why could she? Rajveer says this ought to be a confusion. Kulwant says you won’t consider me due to the fact you’re blinded with the aid of using her love. Her reality needed to be exposed. Rajveer says it turned into an accident. Seher says however why could nani say this? Rajveer says I won’t pay attention a phrase towards my dida. Kulwant says to Harshdeep I didn’t understand you will stopp this low.

rajveer says nani please. Kulwant says permit me communicate to her. Kulwant says you desired me to head out of your manner so that you can do what you need. You attempted to kill me so that you’re now no longer exposed. Look at your brother, he loves you so much. Why didn’t you inform him? Were you scared? Harshdeep says this isn’t your atari panchaya. This is CM’s Harshdeep’s mansion. Keep your voice and eyes low. I will inform you what I can do for those fake accusations. She says Bobby, name the police. Now you may visit the jail.

Kulwant says sure name the police. I even have all of your papers. Kulwants places her telecellsmartphone down. Seher says what’s happening? Rajveer says what papers? She says all her sins. I even have all proofs. She has executed heaps of corruption. I even have listing of all her faux companies, tenders and lands. Call the police now. Why are you silent? This is simply 1/2 of of the reality. Let me inform the whole reality. Kulwant says I will inform your dida’s disgusting reality. Kulwant says Seher Rajveer could be very nice. He’s pure. You concept God made your couple. But no. Someone made it take place. It wasn’t fate. This Harshdeep deliberate with a massive conspiracy. Seher is shocked. Param holds her. Kulwant says she set that fireplaceside on Karan and Param’s factory. They are shocked. Kulwant says then she have become their savior and did that draam so she will be able to blackmail you. Seher recollects everything.

Seher says what are you pronouncing nani? Kulwant says the tale simply began out now. She compelled Param and Karan to get you married to Rajveer. Seher recollects it. Kulwant says she were given Kunal kidnapped. Kulwant tells how Kunal’s vehicle turned into taken away. Kulwant says Seher Kunal cherished you right? And you cherished him. Didn’t you believe you studied how he modified all of a sudden. Seher recollects what Kunal said. That he by no means cherished her. Kulwant says it turned into all her plan. For your child. Everyone is shocked. Seher says what? Nani? Kulwant says I understand you’re harm however that is reality. This girl trapped you in her game.

Harshdeep says what trash is this? How are you paying attention to her rubbish? She is crazy. Kulwant says I am now no longer crazy. She shouts. Kulwant says close up now. Don’t say a unmarried phrase or I will smash you. Rajveer says nani please calm down. Dida can’t do this. Please don’t communicate to her like this. Kulwant says I understand you adore your dida. I understand that is hurting you however you can’t see her plan. She used you as her puppet. She nevertheless does. Kulwant says seher I did virtually incorrect with Meher and I paid for my sins. But I need to shop you. I can repent for my sins this manner. I won’t permit something incorrect take place to you.

Seher says nani what befell to Kunal? Please inform me. Where is he? Nani please inform me, I consider you. But Kunal has to return back right here and say all of this. Why are you silent? Rajveer says say it nani. Where is Kunal? Why turned into he silent all this time? Where has he been? Why didn’t he say the reality? Tell us nani. Seher says nani please say something. Kulwant appears at her. Kulwant says Kunal will by no means come back. Seher is shocked. Kulwant says Kunal is dead. Kulwant says he turned into killed. This girl killed him. She’s a murderer. Everyone is shocked.

Seher falls. Rajveer holds her. Seher cries. Kulwant says that is the reality and Harshdeep can’t deny it. Seher cries and sobs. Kulwant says ask her what did she do to Kunal? Did she kill him or now no longer? Tell every person what you probably did to him for this child. You deliberate all of this a child. For a child, you killed an harmless man Kunal. You ruined such a lot of lives for that one child. Seher cries. Rajveer is in shock. Kulwant says however you made one mistake, you probably did all of this with my grand daughter. Seher screams Kunal.. She cries. Seher recollects her moments with Kunal.

Seher screams and cries. Seher shouts why? Why did you do this? He gave his existence for me I saved questioning he turned into a cheater. Seher sobs. Harshdeep faints. Rajveer is going to her. Harshdeep says my head hurts. She faints. Seher offers her water and says have water. Harshdeep says name the doctor. Seher alternatives her telecellsmartphone and calls someone. She says police station? Please come to CM house,

Babbar mansion. Everyone is shocked. Seher says there’s a murder. Seher throws the telecellsmartphone and shouts how dare you? Why? What did my Kunal do to you? Seher says I gave you a mother’s respect. For your happiness, I turned into geared up to provide you my child. And you probably did this? Why? You took my happiness from me. Why? Seher shouts. Rajveer cries. Seher shouts solution me Harshdeep Kaur Babbar.

Episode ends.

Precap-The police come to arrest Harshdeep. Rajveer says my dida didn’t do something. I did it all. They arrest Rajveer. Seher walks farfar from him. Param and Karan take her home.


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