Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher says regardless of having each mother and father that child might don’t forget himself an orphan. I can’t provide you with this infant. I stated what I had to. She leaves. Rajveer says dida what you’re questioning won’t happen. Seher is proper and I am together along with her on this decision. They leave. Harshdeep is angry.

Karan says no trouble now. Param says badi bi properly done. Seher and Rajveer won’t provide the baby. It’s time to party. Anurita says no. She won’t surrender that easily.

Scene 2
Ramila says to Harshdeep have this sattu. You will cool down. Harshdeep throws it away. Ramila says this glass can’t repair once more however your dream can repair. I were given an arrow and it won’t leave out the target. Seher gave an extended lecture. Now see how she shuts up. Rajveer and Seher are fooling you. Do you understand who did I meet nowadays? Dr. Gaitri.. To get reality out of her. Ramila throttles Gaitri and stated I will ensure you die nowadays and after your homicide no person will query me. No one will provide declaration towards me. If you don’t die, Harshdeep will close down your hospital. Tell me what sport are you gambling with Rajveer and Seher? She positioned a knife on her throat. Gaitri says they need to get synthetic insemination done. Their appointment is at 11

Scene 3
Seher cries. Rajveer says we shouldn’t visit Dr. Gaitri. We have to rethink our decision. We don’t want to head for synthetic insemination proper now. Seher cries. Harshdeep comes there. She stands in the front of Seher. Harshdeep sits in her toes and cries. Harshdeep says forgive your dida.. Please. My infant. I don’t understand what came about to me. I were given crazy. I changed into drowned in my motherhood. Please forgive me. Seher says don’t say this dida please. Sit here. Harshdeep says it’s now no longer important that elders provide the lesson. Sometimes youngsters also can provide a lesson to the elders such as you and Rajveer did. You opened my eyes. I won’t come among you and your motherhood. You are my family. Your happiness is mine. You will enhance your infant, you may sing him lullaby however provide your infant to me for a while while you sense like it. Seher says don’t say that dida. Why are you crying? Badi bi says Anurita changed into proper. She’s this type of drama. I am getting the whole lot.

Seher hugs Harshdeep and says please don’t cry. I understand you purchased emotional. Harshdeep says thanks Seher for information me. Badi bi says sure didi ji. Everything is understood. Your phrases and your emotions. Harshdeep says I am now no longer speaking to you. Badi bi says however I am speaking to you. Sehr says please dida.. Harshdeep leaves. Seher says to Rajveer we have to visit Dr. Gaitri tomorrow.

Scene 4
Rajveer wakes up. Seher isn’t there. Rajveer seems round for Seher. She’s skipping the ropes withinside the garden. Rajveer says burning calories? She says now no longer for calories. Artificial insemination. It is stressing me. He says Jutt’s don’t pressure out. I am a touch anxious too. Seher laughs. Rajveer wipes her face. Rajveer says we are able to delay this appointment. Seher says no the whole lot could be fine. Rajveer says near your eyes. Turn round. Rajveer makes her put on a locket. Seher sees Meher and Sarab’s named tattoo on her hand. Seher hugs Rajveer.

Harshdeep seems at them. she says I spent 1/2 of of my existence looking forward to my Sonu. I did a lot to get my Sonu. Killed Kunal, burned myself and begged Seher. How lots will I beg to get my personal infant? It begins offevolved raining. Harshdeep remembers while she changed into pregnant. She stated Sonu why are you kicking your mama? You like orange proper? Mama gets you the whole lot orange. Your room, toys, clothes, the whole lot could be orange. Harshdeep seems on the room and orange toys in it. Seher seems at hr. She receives teary.

Scene 5
Seher receives ready. Winds blow, Rajveer shuts the window. Seher is stressed. Rajveer says the whole lot could be fine. Seher hugs him. Winds blow. A vase falls. Rajveer remembers while her husband used to hit Rajveer. She used to cry and say don’t hit my brother please. Seher and Rajveer are on their way. Harshdeep says my Sonu won’t come to the arena the synthetic way. He will come to the worl with Rajveer and Seher’s bond.

The police prevent Rajveer and Seher’s car. Rajveer says what’s the matter? The inspector says get out. The inspector says arrest them. Seher says how can you? What charge? The inspector says he broke the law. He changed into overspeeding. Seher says it has a challan now no longer arrest. He says strolling over a checkpost is a crime. Seher says there has been no checkpost and weren’t overspeeding. Rajveer says what are you doing? This is a misunderstanding. There changed into no overspeeding. They arrest Rajveer and take him to the jeep. Seher says prevent please.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajveer dances with the policemen. He pranked Seher. Seher says to make me satisfied you probably did all this? He says I can get moon and stars for you. He dances round Seher. Seher dances with him. Rajveer offers Seher a ring.


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