Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar says let’s play antakshari. He says let’s make teams. Rajveer says you and Kitu are in Seher’s team. Bunty in my team. Seher says mummy ji is in my team. Rajveer says dida in my team. Ravjeer says Param and Karna you’re my buddies? Param is going with Seher and Karan is going in Rajveer’s team.

Rajveer sings aik dusre se kartay hai pyar. Kulwant thinks approximately Meher and Sarab. Bitu and Rana ask Harshdeep for a selfie. They say we are able to display to our buddies CM is our relative. she says let’s cross in there’s antakshari going on. They cross in. Harshdeep says to Bobby I informed you nobody aside from Kulawnt must come here. Seher sing honton mein daba k. Rajveer sings inteha hogai intezar ki. Harshdeep says I can’t wait anymore. rajveer sings tum paas aye. Harshdeep says time for laser display for the kids.

Scene 2
Kulwant receives a name from Ranga. SHe says inform me what took place next? Harshdeep says who’re you inquiring approximately? You won’t get some thing. I ought to solution you lower back however I didn’t due to Seher. Seher goes to present her infant to me. You threatened me with the ones papers? You can’t. I most effective need my infant. I don’t care approximately anyone. Not even Seher. I am now no longer going to head and inform her I were given afraid of you. Tell me in which are the ones papers or? Kulwant says or what? You can’t scare me. I am lots greater steadfast. I will disclose you.

Scene 3
Rajveer appears on the ring. Bunty says to Seher I can inform Rajveer which you love him however I need you to mention it. He loves you lots. He appears at you want Shahrukh checked out Kajol in DDLJ. It assume he’s going to advise to you today. The laser display starts.

Ranga calls Kulwant. He says you may be stunned to listen what Harshdeep did to Kunal. Harshdeep asks her guys to take her closer to the wires. Kulwant is busy at the name. Rajveer says Seher I.. I love.. She says say it. He says I love the arrangement. Seher says say it. He says I love diwali. seher says some thing else? Rajveer says I love you..

Scene 4
Kulwant says Ranga is it true? He says sure. Harshdeep asks to show on jammers so there aren’t anyt any signals. Kulwant says Ranga? I can’t listen you. She’s approximately to step at the wires. Kulawnt steps at the wire. She receives an electric powered shock. Seher runs in. She sees Kulwant. Seher and Rajveer keep Kulwant together. Rajveer is mad on the servants. Seher offers Kulwant water. Seher says mummy ji open your eyes.

Kulwant says this turned into a conspiracy Seher. To kill me. So yo don’t get to recognise the fact Seher. Seher says you referred to as me Seher? That way your memory? Nani? Kulwant says forgive me. There’s a motive I needed to try this drama. Your nani isn’t crazy. She hugs Seher. Param and Karan hug her. She cries. Kulwant says I do not forget you both. They say thank God you’re okay. Seher says nani who desires to kill you? Param says sure inform us please. Kulwant says she desires to kill me. Harshdeep Kaur Babbar. Seher says what?

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher says nani what are you saying? Kulwant says you cherished Kunal right? He cherished you too. Didn’t you believe you studied how he modified all of a sudden? He didn’t. She did all this for this infant. Rajveer says to Seher I did Kunal’s murder. Seher is stunned. Seher says swear on me. Rajveer receives arrested.


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