Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher wakes up. Rajveer places petals around. Seher says how did I come here? He says thay ee-e book stated the moms each morning shoulf be special. Rajveer offers her tea. He says women appearance so quite in morning. What might you want for breakfast? Seher says don’t pamper a lot that I fall in love with you. They get awkward. Seher says Rajveer is mu fine friend. Rajveer says that toddler will anticipate Us to live together. We won’t have love. Seher says what? Rajveer says I changed into kidding.

Ramila says I discovered this ee-e book approximately synthetic insemination of their room. Harsh says this evidence isn’t enough. They’ll deny it. Rajveer and Seher plant a tree. He says I wish this second remains the identical forever. Gaitri calls and says you men must come for a few checks the next day then we will begin this procedure.

Scene 2
Ramila involves Gaitri. She says you.. Ramila says why are you mendacity to harsh?

Anurita, Param and Karan ask badi bi is Seher had a few pressure. Badi bi says she is doing it happily. Anurita says in case you offer didi ji she will say some thing in anger. Something like she doesn’t care approximately seher and raj handiest the toddler. Badi bi says I will initiate her.

Harsh makes laddus. She says I am making those for Seher. I need sonu to have flavor of my hand already. When are you giving the news? Rajveer says soon. Harsh says I can’t watch for my Sonu. Badi bi says Seher will ought to rubdown the toddler and sing a lullaby. This connection is made while the toddler is withinside the womb. Badi bi says for first 12 months chile and mom ought to stay together. Harsh says it’s now no longer vital at all. He will handiest be mine after beginning. Badi bi says however moms contact is natural. It may be given via way of means of a person else. Harsh says didn’t you inform her the toddler could be mine after being born? She leaves in anger.

Badi bi says I don’t get this Seher. She will take the toddler after beginning? She won’t permit seher bond together along with her toddler? Not even permit her her toddler? The toddler receives connected to his mother withinside the womb. How will your toddler stay with out you? Seher involves harsh and says dida I wwnt to inform you that guarantees are intended to be fulfilled. Rajveer and I are on our promise however we concept this toddler will live with us in the front people however now you sound such as you won’t even allow us to contact our toddler? Rajveer says why can’t seher cope with that toddler? Will seher haven’t any proper on that toddler? Seher says after understanding your ache I determined to assist Rajveer satisfy his promise however it’s now no longer what you think. I’m now no longer a device that I can supply beginning and forgive approximately the toddler. If you get cussed then I’m sorry I can’t provide you with this toddler. I don’t need my toddler to head farfar from his dad and mom. That I don’t get to feed my toddler. That whilst having each dad and mom he seems like an orphan. I am sorry I can’t provide you with this toddler. Harsh is shocked.

Episode ends.


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