Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher comes downstairs. Rajveer seems at her the track kithay chali re performs. He smiles searching at her. Rajveer says you appearance so pretty. Seher says those are nani’s clothes. The children come and hug Seher.

Kulwant says to Bitu and Rana, we need to discover approximately Kunal. Bitu says however Seher in no way married Kunal? Kulwant slaps him and says I recognise that too. I need to discover what went wrong? Call. Bitu says however I don’t have Kunal’s number. She says name Ranga. She says Ranga how are you? He says Sarpanj ji.. Kulwant says I actually have despatched you a photo. His call is Kunal. I need all information associated with him. Rana says who’s Ranga? She says a beneficial guy. He is aware of the entirety who receives lost, who dies. Bitu says get geared up for diwali.

Seher says children there’s a unique wonder your Raj brother prepared for you. He suggests them portray from sand art. The children make sand art work with Rajveer. They’re very happy. Rajveer makes a hold. Seher holds his hand. Their subject track performs.

Scene 2
Kulwant comes donwstairs. Harshdeep say I will train her a lesson today. Ranga calls Kulawnt. He says my guys informed me a person abducted Kunal while he got here from Canada to Punjab. Kulwant says I need each record associated with him. Seher stated he became a cheat.. Harsh seems on the wires. Kulwant says I want solutions to this Kunal riddle. Harshdeep says you’ll die. She says to her guy no person else ought to cross close to the wires. Rajveer and Seher come there. Harshdeepis shocked. Harshdeep says I meant.. Rajveer says you prepared this kind of accurate party. Seher says we are able to deal with you.

Rajveer stops Seher and says make me consume the candy too. Seher makes him consume the sweets. Seher makes him consume. He bites her finger. Seher screams.. He says sorry sorry. Did I harm you? He says sorry. Seher says idiot. She laughs. Seher says to Kulwant mummy ji do you need something? She says no. Rajveer says inform me mummy ji. Seher says permit me see the guests. Harshdeep seems at Kulwant. Kulwant smiles. Harhsdeep recollects what she stated. Kulawnt smirks at her.

Rajveer offers Seher a present. Seher offers him a present too. The track tu khuwaba hai mera performs. Rajveer turns round and says I need to inform you some thing Seher. I love you the most. I love you extra than my life. My breaths and heartbeats have handiest one call. I love you Seher. More than my life. He turns round. Seher sin’t there. She is with a visitor and says sorry. Seher comes and says what had been you saying? He says nothing.

Scene 3
Karan performs with the children and offers them toys. Param says Karan you didn’t consume sweets? KAran says neither did you. Param says considering nani? Me too. I desire she became okay. Karan says sure we might experience so much. Everything seems incomplete. Param says I desire nani knew us. I desire she became our antique nani. Kulwant comes and says are you each speaking approximately me? Kulwant says see those laddus I made. She makes them consume. Param and Karan get happy. Kulwant says in coronary heart I am helpless. I need to shop Seher.

Seher offers diwali items to all of the children. They say you and Rajveer are so nice. Rajveer prays to God to offer him courage. Seher runs. Rajveer holds her. Seher says what? He says I need to mention some thing. Seher says me too. Rajveer says I.. Rajveer says I.. Omkar comes and says Rajveer I made this card for you. Seher says I didn’t test dinner arrangements. Let me cross.

Kulwant says to Harshdeep I actually have despatched the papers. Harshdeep says what? You stated you won’t do something until Diwali. Kulwant says it’s in Rajveer’s hands. Rajveer seems on the paper Omkar gave him. Harshdeep is scared. Harshdeep says to Rajveer that is my letter. He says Omkar gave it to me. Harshdeep says permit me see. You meet the guests. Kulwant says to Harshdeep were given scared? Don’t boom your BP. Listen to me and do what I stated. You don’t have time.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant says to Seher a person attempted to kill me. Seher says who might attempt to kill you? Kulwant says so that you don’t get to recognise the fact Seher. Seher says you understand I am Seher? She says sorry I needed to pretends. Seher says who attempted to kill you? She factors at Harshdeep.


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